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Comments about How to Sell Your Music - forum Self-Management & Business

You've recorded and produced your killer single. Now comes the really tough part: selling the drama. Here we will recap and add some steps in order to implement your marketing plan- putting it all together, and managing your time and resources for optimal efficiency.

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Thank you for giving me the basics (and even a bit more) on how to properly do my job.

icon_furieux.gif Hi guys this is Lilly,

Am new to this forum. I don't know much about this forum.

How to sell our music ? question itself is different .

These are great steps for anyone wanting to get there foot in the marketing side of their music, while treating it like a business.

Thanks for sharing this!




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These are definitely useful steps for people who want to market their music. One thing to remember though is that when creating music, do so with heart and not because you aim to sell it. While it is really what you want to do, do not make it as the main reason.
Excellent point! In my own case, I've written my best music when I was doing so for the sake of creativity, not with any specific commercial intent. Conversely, music that I've written strictly for music-licensing purposes, or to try for some other commercial use, has rarely been as good or inspired.