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Starting A record Label (How to) - forum Self-Management & Business

A checklist of what you would need to do and know from the ground up would be great to see.
Check out:
Music Marketing:
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I think you need to be a certain kind of person to succeed in that type of business these days.

1) The first and formost thing you will need is a artist that is gonna sell. Without this you will surely fail, no matter what you do.

2) Then you will need a hell of a lot of money or know people in the right places.

Good Luck !

good luck!

Dear Shammie

It's a bit more involved than can be covered in an email reply, but depending on what goals

you are trying to accomplish, setting up a record label might not be your best option.

WHat are your goals?

I've written a book called "Sell Your Music" and in it is a Chapter on how to set up your own record label.

Mark W. Curran - Marketing Tools For Musicians


This was another post that I read in another post above this. This may or may not work for you, but hears the post if you're interested:





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Your record label should be unique and perfect and this should holds a rights together with your other trademarks. To know more of effective brand name and label you should seek some expert advice.