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User Review

Great if you're a rocket scientist - Reviews Sonnox Oxford EQ

Easy setup. No problems getting mine to work in Cubase 5. Sonnox stuff is at a pretty high level of function. They aren't selling toys.


My friend recommended this plugin. I had been asking if he knew of a good dedicated and light EQ. I was previously using a Waves plug for EQ and didn't like it much. Sounded dead to me. The Oxford EQ first of all, is very light on CPU. I won't debate that. I almost can't tell it's on. And just from looking at I can tell it's not going to destroy my track's quality. So for that it gets points. I like transparency. However, this is a very intimidating EQ. First of all, there's nothing analog about this plugin. It doesn't "respond" or sound analog at all. It actually sounds really hi-fi. And the controls aren't like anything I've ever seen on an analog compressor. They're pretty involved, and from the get go I was a little lost to be honest. The manual didn't help much. I spent a few hours trying to get the hang of it and just couldn't. Maybe I'm used to certain EQ styles but this one wasn't for me. I'm going back to Waves or maybe URS.


I will say I can't knock the sound quality. When I got it dialed in, it sounded good. But the controls ended up giving me a headache. I haven't tried other Sonnox plugs but I want to soon. I'm curious what else they have even though this one wasn't really my style. If you want to try something different or want something fresh...maybe a challenge, then this is a cool vst. Obviously the quality is there. Sonnox just has a weird take on things. I still recommend.