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User Review

Audiofanzine FR's review - Marshall 5210 [1981-1991]

(Originally written by elsy/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
50-watt 2-channel solid-state amp with spring reverb.


Ultra easy configuration: Master control plus volume control and EQ on each channel (no mid in the clean channel), shared reverb. Just plug in and you'll immediately find a good sound.


Although it's a solid-state amp, it provides a pure vintage sound that reminds me of an JCM800. The response is not very compressed like on Valvestate amps or new Marshall models. The clean channel sounds very clear and twangy, and it faithfully reproduces the guitar signal. So if you get bad results, just buy a better guitar. I used it with Strat with Lace Sensor pickups and the sound had nothing to envy a Fender amp. With a Les Paul the sound has less twang. The lead channel sounds very vintage: you get a wonderful crunch for British pop, and a great rock distortion for Ramones, Oasis or Telephone. It's simply a great sound! Try it! If you're a heavy/death metal freak or a Marilyn Manson fan, stay away from it or you might break it! And this 5210 is more and morerare on the secondhand market so take good care of it!


As a summary, it's a very good amp that provides you the great vintage Marshall sound of the 70's. It has been often compared with the JCM800 (it's the same product generation) but I don't think it sounds exactly like a JCM800. It does sound similar, and I'm not the only one saying this. This amp doesn't alter the original guitar signal and it's a real delight how it feels like a tube amp. It's great amp and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. If I decide to play another music style, I will buy another amp but I will always keep this one. It's getting harder to find it on the secondhand market because people who own it don't want to let go of it. If you ever play it you'll be blown away, especially if you compare it with recent Marshall models. This amp is over 20 years old... Progress is a mysterious thing .