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Very good amp!

By Jeg Folay, 21/09/2012
Detailed features: see further advice or information sheet or the site, but it's all transistor.
Settings:-simple or minimalist: Volume, Gain, Tona, "Ambience" (something home) and for good reason, there is only one channel and no amp simulation.
Power: it is strong enough to play in a room with others, even sax and drums.
Size: small, it fits in a backpack (and its 5 kg, it does not explode the backpack)!


Config is childish but it's better after reading the manual.
I'm less excited qu'Oli_34160: For me there are basically sound (light) does not vary much depending on settings. But I'm not in the extremes of the amp: Gain and Volume are always around noon.
Own small defect in its construction (size): the sound is a little loose but prescriptive. So always raise the 1 meter (or chair that you can because nothing exists for that) for it reveals its potential.


Sound (bright) limit but nickel is boring when played alone or no effect.
This amp is just MAGIC as soon as he sticks a nice effect inside!
This is also the only downside which earned him a 9 use: always lugging a pedal or two ...
I play everything (jazz, fusion, blues (hard) rock, funk, soul, heavy metal) without the extreme (black / death / brutal / hardcore metal). And while it is since it depends on what you put in front of him!
Currently, I play with a SansAmp GT-2 and / or my Ibanez TS-5 and you'd think the amp is made to this effect! In the same vein, the Line6 POD 2 suited him well.
Still a flaw in its construction: the grave in his "pure" lack a little depth to the classic jazz. This defect disappears into other musical styles or effects because we do not expect the same sound.


At the time of purchase, I was looking for a solution that would allow me to be amplified to operate a simulator amp, or that incorporate the simulator is that has its own sounds wonderful but in a "easy to carry" (ie combo maximum).
I have 2 years and I will use it again for a long time!
For the value, I paid less than the current price (euro-dollar) and it was in a case. But it was the only one. Today, I think he has some competition happens.
I told him from the deputy "Cab" (same HP) that does not my problem serious jazz purist but enhanced its presence. And 2 fit in my backpack (10 kg anyway), and this is top!

The ball

By SlapKid, 24/06/2012
Very small, twice as compact as my late Vox DA5, all pretty and well protected.
The settings are volume-gain, tone and ambience.
Not notice any noise nuisance switching, but hey I play it at local repeats so we lent too much attention either.

I have not used other than the above entry, guitar. on the other hand I plugged an external 8 ohm speaker I know to judge the quality of the tiny 6-inch zt, it provides very serious!

No breath, and any heat back when you push the amp and frankly should not go without as it sounds good.


Well, it's confusing in here because the technology is digital preamp and power amp is analog. Weird, when I look at the new generation of lightweight bass amp is the reverse. Ditto for my Crate PowerBlock. Moving on.

Setting ambience is rubbish, stew thoroughly. This is a very bad phaser than anything else, which does no good to the amp. A setting of reverb would have been much better, especially if the preamp is already in the digital domain. Or adjustment bass instead, I see not that short.

I understand the gain as a fitting end for different instruments, not as an overdrive. Moreover it with a strat distortionne little or.

I am using a small multi-effects (3 presets, clean reverb, overdrive and lead firmly packed dark with delay) between guitar and lunchbox and it's just happiness.


The basic clean is beautiful, it's very dynamic and punchy, with a nice polish and precise.
And six inches Degomme pti brilliant, even my rg7 does not scare him!

Really very good that zt, there is this pleasurable effect that pushes you forward, it seems that this is a very little thing.
A great extent, and the amp is not even against a wall or corner, it's pretty amazing actually.

You learn something new every day eh


I ordered the matching cabinet, everything is as compact as a Vox DA5 ...
I am amazed by what zt, I have yet a VOX AC15 but it is far from being as enjoyable, not to this side of his magic.
Must be said that a 6-inch HP is very fast compared to a 12, with a better frequency response. So I'm curious to try a box phil jones bass, he uses special 5 inches, it should sound fabulous.

Zt lunchbox2: phaser without yucky but with a reverb instead, a 3 band eq and 2 hp 6 inches for a price not much bigger.
I dream, but it would be top notch for 6 kilos ... and 200 watts.

In fact, zt is a liar hair, the additional baffle is identical and is given to 100watts 8ohms. The consolidated power is 200w, and 120w rms power. I guess under 4ohms, so in fact as is the lunchbox is 100w max, probably 80w.
Also announced are the decibels at 30 cm to 1 m and not so much in fact overvalued. It's pretty Rican kind of cheating ...
This shows us one thing, however, is that the figures provide no information on her and punch, and all the better!
Which fits well to the rebel side electric guitarist right?


By Mexalavi, 06/04/2012
Basic connectivity is the concept
moderate power if you want to keep a clear, no buzz
adjusting speaker on / off means.


We do not find easily a good sound as surprising as it may seem.
We must let down the volume, turn up the gain (hey, why not ...) to have a clear and dynamic. But in this case it is of moderate power, for domestic use, or very little snooze.

Button, speaker on / off, blah blah ...

If you turn up the volume, background noise too large, pert dynamics, the sound "CRUCH" not, it becomes "dirty" at least for me ...

The HP is no miracle


The clean sound is good but at moderate levels.
I'm not looking necessarily crystal clear sound but then, as soon as the volume goes up, it's ugly ...


Bought used 3 months ago and resold.
I liked:
It is very practical, light and strong.
For the home, that's fine.

I did not like
- Too much background noise, which is not acceptable to the transistor (I think)
- The HP is no miracle, as a group, it should be connected to an external HP
- No clear sound, no presence, no dynamism soon as we turn up the volume.

The concept is good on paper. But the result is not up to the promises. For me, can do better!

For the price too expensive new. A buy used. But again, the prices are too high. We must compare the price with another transistor amplifier. Attax 80 or a 100 (yes, the same concept more, heavier ...) best for me, at no cost to the occasion ...

In short, you'll understand that I did not like ...

Limit false advertising

By pdc06, 08/03/2012
I would seriously dampen the previous rave reviews.

For specifications, see the website builder and prior reviews.

Some details, however, accessible to every-one-each having devoted himself to reading the doc in English downloaded from the manufacturer's website:

- This amp is not 200W as stated in its marketing brochure, but 130W RMS (Watts RMS being the only "real" Watts to be considered as corresponding to the only international units). Moreover, it is also engraved on the backplate of the beast: 130 W RMS, 200W peak. The number of peak (peak in French, is the max possible over very short periods) is the same for all power stages, about 2 times the RMS wattage.
- This amp is NOT transistor, it is completely digital, including the power stage (apparently an innovation ZT). Besides, I think there is a difference between the wicked W digital and the rest as there is a transistor between W and W lamp, which explains the low volume of this thing.
- Made in China, but this time no complaints about build quality.
- It is actually lightweight.

In short, on paper, a real revolution for the guitarist ...
For the theoretical characteristics therefore, I note Good (7).


Use could not be more simple: 1 win, 1 volume, 1 knob to simulate an open or closed cab (not felt a big difference) that resembles a sort of a chorus reverb crossbred rather difficult to describe.

Again, not much to complain about using the reach of everyone: Good (7).


The clean sound is OK but not transcendent. It starts cruncher (with a double ES 335) with the gain around noon to get in a real mush after three quarters of the race. Of course, it crunche speed with a Strat or a Tele.
I did not at all adhered to the crunch: synthetic, without harmonics, cold as possible, digital in the worst sense of the term.
I have not even dared to connect the pedals.

Little speech on the following: the sound projection of an amplifier depends not only on the wattage of the power stage, far from it even. The other fundamental factors are the power and performance of HP and above the volume of air displaced by HP. In summary and simplifying, on a 5W 4x12 will sound as loud as a 50W or more on a 6-inch bowl.

That said, the projection of sound this amp is just zero. It was just starting to hear me in the mix with the gain AND the volume turned up and I was even more noticeable with a Vox AC4TV (4W HP 8 inches) with this thing (AC4TV still clearly insufficient to play a drummer anyway). Of course, with two knobs at the bottom, bye bye clean sounds, and indeed bye bye also sounds short because there is no further definition of two notes with the settings to the cleat.
In comparison with the same group, I play with a master to 6 and 2 50W transistor with a 60W lamp. Lunchbox with playskool, we can not hear me!

So yes, maybe a 4x12? In this case will explain the value of this amp if it's lighter to carry around a dead donkey next door, I'm still looking ...

In short, at his home, bah great way, as a group, zero points. So is 0.


I kept two weeks: one week before and a week requisitioned for resale.

The 130 W announced are perhaps (I doubt it seriously anyway - 130W, it must be VERY strong), but then they are digital and W anyway they can not decently be used in the HP 6 " integrated.
And if you put it next to a "small" transistor amplifier 30W, it does not even argue the comparison in terms of sound projection!

The sound is clear and the crunch means bad.

This amp has no interest, it's a toy. If it is to stick it in a external speaker, take a head as that sounds, to lamps.

In short, not the revolution announced by the marketing anyway.
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