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User Review

U-FLYstudio's review - API Audio 512C

Pr single transistor amplifier with transformer and opamp of 2520,
trs simple power supply with P48, 30db pad, MIC / DI, and phase.

API 500 is the format currently in vogue trs are many brands manufacture their peripherals and a bunch of clones in this format:

Great River, Avedis Audio, Chandler, A design, audio Lachapelle, Purple Audio, Vintage Audio, Buzz Audio, Brent Averill, Speck ...

* So you can make MIDI box of crazy with all possible colors and inimaginagles,
"The format tends !!!!!"


A bit fragile in a MIDI box, the only thing that Exceeds the box, it is cute but trs knobs small and fragile, therefore if a dedi peli or rack and thought not to dtruire the front!


The current version of my 512 seems rather overdone, it is a pr of 4 or 5 amps inevitable in production, the same way as a Neve 1081 or a GML, the stars of the genre became a grace strong identity but binds a class indniable.
the identity of the 512 is just become a caricature in his fawn to transcribe transients, the 512c is my "little sound", full of punch in the transition, but not much APRS! ! (Even with a Universal Audio 2192 as a converter!)
that being said I find the API rack 3124 with 312 Shma much more convincing than the 512c.

I do not use to much, with acoustic guitar or strings rub my Vintage Design M581 (Shma Neve 1081) and much more convincing, warm and musical, singing the API is not great either or no!

OK, you tell me it's a pre amp which finds its application in the percussive sounds (snare drum, percussions, tom ....)
yeah ben any pre amp channel with a spl transient designer is the same sound, but at least we can settle it !!!!!


In short, I prefried far the 3124, the 512 seems to me far too "small sound" is to clean the beginners decay of the envelope, APRS nothing! I never had the chance to work with the originals of era, but frankly not a cash masses, the grave is small, the mdium OK and clear punch but hey !!!!!!! !

I don not buy it was, if I need one pre amp, and even!
SERIES much as 500 to 312 is a Shma by Brent Averill, more seriousness, I got!