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Sony Acid

Sony ACID Pro 5

User reviews on Sony Acid products

FP User's review (Sony - ACID Pro 5)

By FP User, 31/10/2008
I like Acid a lot but I wish they would add control surface support and same track recording. You can render and bounce to one track which helps but that will only take you so far. I hear they are adding these features in 6 however.


Very easy to use. Easiest program on the market. I learned Acid before anything else on the market and I never read the manual until recently to see if I was missing out on any features. If you can play a cd player you can make classics with Acid.


Its a Daw you get out what you put in.

Have never had a issue with Acid quality wise and Ive been using it since 2001.


I love Acid. It is one of my favorite programs on the market.

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Posted by: Xabiton ( 4-, 2006)

for the beginner.. (Sony - Acid Pro 6)

By yoTrakkz, 12/08/2011
Sony Acid Pro 6 is really easy to set up and get started. You may need to pull out he manual if you have never used computer recording and editing software before. But this program is a great starting point for your home setup. You can use virtually any plug in with this software without it crashing which is key in today’s recording world because no matter what your main sequencing and recording program is you still like to rewire other programs with your main one. Sony Acid Pro 6 gives you full control over the project you are working on. The manual is extremely easy to understand, its almost to easy.


Sony Acid Pro 6 is probably one of the easiest softwares that I have ever used when it comes to computer recording and sequencing. Son Acid Pro 6 is for the beginner and the intermediate musician and/or producer who is looking for a great program with great quality. Mixing and Mastering your tracks are a breeze with Sony Acid Pro 6.


Overall Sony Acid Pro 6 is a great started program, it has a lot of effects that you can use. But not as many as some other computer software’s, Sony Acid Pro 6 almost seems to be like a watered down version of some of the other softwares I have used. The price of this software is great, and very affordable. But you will need to invest more money into some plug ins and vst’s. Because the ones that come with Sony Acid Pro 6 aren’t going to give you the “wow” factor you might be looking for. But this program will definitely get you started with your career as a musician. I am very happy with Sony Acid Pro 6 for the year that I have used it, it worked like a charm.

@Vx's review (Sony - ACID Pro 7)

By @Vx, 17/01/2009
Very simple installation on Windows XP as all Acid Pro;)
No problem of incompatibility date.
Easy and quick.
I have not read the manual ...


I'm running under Acid 2x2Ghz Core Duo with 2 GB RAM on Windows XP so not a great warrior configuration but it is fluid, stable, it works!
Very efficient, a small display bug at the channel strip if it is built-in tabs at the bottom with lots of tracks but nothing wicked good.


I use this version of Acid Pro for a few weeks but I'm a affectionados the series for many years.

I try many sequencers Cubase (LE / SX), Nuendo, Logic, Protools, Samplitude ...
I always came Acid.
Why? It is simple, effective and sufficient for what I do. I work In parallel with this configuration and Wavelab enough for me.

I Refer this choice without hesitation.

@Vx's review (Sony - Acid Pro 6)

By @Vx, 29/06/2008
Installation on Windows XP was done without difficulty and quickly. On Vista it is a different story ...
I'm not a fan of the Media Manager so I uninstalled afterwards. I regret that there is no option for the installation does not install.
The manual is in English but well done.


I'm running this software on a laptop equipped with an Intel Core Duo (2x2ghz) and 2GB of RAM.
It works well, I have not yet encountered of problem, no crash.
The app takes very little memory, it is very fast (not like Cubase SX ...). The interface is pretty basic but after all it is not to make the audio to enjoy the scenery!
VSTi work well, the only small annoyance I encountered lies in the rglages some virtual instruments is not saving properly. Also some bugs with some VST plugins (including GUI thereof)
The setup is extremely stable.


I use Acid for 5 years and this version since its release (ie 2 years).
The arrival of multitrack recording is a true advance. Is approached more and more professional DAW.

The pros:
.dropoff Window The rapiditbr />. Simplicity of use
.dropoff Window Multitrack recording (from the time that they were waiting ...)
.dropoff Window The good MIDI management
.dropoff Window The functionalities of old versions of Acid are always prsentes (eg Beatmapper)
.dropoff Window An attractive price
.dropoff Window ...dropoff Window

The -:
.dropoff Window When will the channel strip?
.dropoff Window Media Manager installed by default
.dropoff Window Some bugs with some VST plugins and VTSI

I highly recommend this software esprant that Sony will continue its efforts to improve Acid and allow it to accder the rank of professional DAW.

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