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Sony MDR


User reviews on Sony MDR products

for listening pleasure (Sony - MDR-7506)

By theaudioandvideoguy, 24/03/2012
The Sony MDR 7506 headphones suited me perfectly when I was using them. I say “when” because I was using them a long time ago. One thing that I liked most about them was of comfortable they where. The really fit around my hears really nice and have a soft feel to them. They sounded pretty good to, not good enough for me to mix in though. But they where great just for listening to music in, or maybe use them as some sort of a reference.

The sound of them is pretty basic, most headphones exaggerate either the hi or the low end. This where pretty even throughout. They are also pretty loud, so if you like your music loud these will fit you just right, I personally really don’t like my music too loud, don’t want to damage my ears!

The cord that’s connected to them can really be stretched out , they are almost like the old stereo headphones from back in the 80’s and early 90’s that had the real long bungy type of cord that could stretch across the room. I am pretty sure you need to purchase an adadpter with these though, it doesn’t come with the ¼ inch plug on the end. Most all mp3 players on the market today are ¼ inch females (ins) .

Overall, nothing really bad to say about these. I wouldn’t mix in them or monitor my own music in them. I used them for listening pleasure only and they served just that. They are great for just everyday listening very comfortable. When I did try to mix in them my mix wasn’t good at all. But the good thing is they are cheap and you can or you could get them almost anywhere. Not too sure if they are still being sold in radio shack and such stores here in the US. But for the right price, buy them.


Quite a miss (Sony - MDR-023)

By JeffTadashi, 12/07/2012
The Sony MDR-023 headphones are a lightweight pair of classic, over-the-head style headphones that are designed to be economical. They feature a 4.9 ft cord, adjustable overhead band, open air design for clean sound, 30mm driver (to deliver deep bass), and a standard 1/8" plug. They also have an impedance of 24 ohms, sensitivity of 100 dB, power capacity of 100mW, and a rated frequency response of 14 Hz to 20,000 Hz. They also weight about 2.6 ounces which is relatively light.

The headphones themselves are not too comfortable by today's standards. The earbuds are completely flat, so they don't seem to fit naturally over my human curved ears. There is padding, and the ear portion is large, but it's still uncomfortable. The over headband is adjustable on both sides, so it can accommodate pretty much any sized head. The adjustments lock nicely without any sort of locks, switches, or buttons necessary, so it is efficient here. The top of the headphone portion is wide, so it won't slip off the top of your head.

I find the sound quality to be average and mediocre. Usually with larger headphones, there is a potential capability to produce deeper basses, and better high end. But that is not the case here. The bass is pretty weak, and I definitely have a pair of smaller earbuds that pump out way more bass. Basically, these headphones just sound old, with lots of harsh, radio-like miss.

Overall, if you happen to have one of these pairs of headphones around, they're worth trying out, but don't go out of your way to buy them, even if they are on the cheap. Sony makes a lot of quality products, including headphones, as I have a pair of $200 studio-quality earphones that I love. But their low-end stuff can be quite a miss sometimes.

Great Sony headphones! (Sony - MDR-7509 HD)

By JeffTadashi, 15/08/2012
The Sony MDR-7509 HD Headphones are a professional pair of over-the-head, around-the-ear headphones, which is ideal in a recording studio, and also great for film production, radio, video production, and virtually any audio-related application. These headphones feature large 50mm driver units, amorphous diamond evaporated diaphragms, high power handling, extended LF reproduction (which is required by high-definition recording systems), and more. The MDR-7509HD is also equipped with reversible ear cups, so it can be used for single ear monitoring, and it is also completely fold-able, and fits nicely into the included string-closing bag. I did find, however, that over years, the fabric on the side of the ear muff became damaged, and I'm not sure if it was caused by transporting and folding the headphones into the carry bag. Nevertheless, they sound and feel great, even with that minor damage.

The cable of the headphones is partially coiled (like old telephone cables), which helps keep the cable out of the way during most studio usage. However, you should be careful on where you drag the cable, particularly the 1/4 or 1/8 inch connector, because on my pair of Sony headphones, this connection started to fail, and I will need to replace the connector eventually. This is true with most audio cabling, however, as they are all prone to failure if abused and dropped on the floor multiple times.

The audio quality of these headphones is spectacular, and they are extremely comfortable to wear. I use them almost exclusively when I am mastering and mixing my tracks, and when I am recording vocals. They do not isolate outside noise too much, but they are not made to do that, and I would not use these for drummers, as you may risk pushing too much power into them, damaging the drivers.

Overall, a wonderful pair of Sony headphones, and at $200, they may be a bit steep, but they are certainly worth the money.

Sony MDR-V6 Review from an ex-7506 User (Sony - MDR-V6)

By SpiralShaper, 03/06/2015
The MDR-V6 are the big brother of the MDR-7506. They are driven by CCAW electromagnet voice coils, giving them a frequency response of 10Hz to 30kHz which far outstrips the 7506's. The V6 are not as new user friendly as the 7506's either. Where the 7506's sound like headphones, making them easier for a beginner to mix with, the V6's have a much more natural response. The lower band response gives it less buildup in the 60-120 Hz range than the 7506's. Because of the increase in 10Hz response and 7.5kHz+ response, these headphones can sound spitty due to the tighter attacks. The dynamic response is much more sensitive on these phones, and therefore the mix sounds deeper. The higher bandwidth makes the frequency spectrum taller. The V6's make everything from your stereo field, frequency spectrum, and dynamic depth all sound gigantic, albeit sometimes to the degree of sounding sparse. In my experience this is a fact of the phones, and helps create dynamically complex mixes when run through less dynamic speakers.

Overall I'm happy with the way these phones affect my mixes. I used to glut 120-240Hz in my mixes because of the increased bass response of the 7506's and the V6's remedied that problem. They are not a beginner's phone though for the complexity of their output. I VOTE 4.5/5. My only major complaint is that the phone cups can be rough on the cheeks after many hours and the amount of sweat that builds up in them.

Once again, 4.5/5. I am a big fan of the Sony MDR-V6.

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