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User Review

Ibanez EX-Series - Reviews Ibanez EX350

I bought this guitar at the local music gear shop for about $570 (I live in Norway, it's an expensive country)

I liked the fish-like red color on it. It's really, REALLY comfortable playing. The bridge pick-up sounds pretty great if you have the right amp.

I don't like the way this guitar kinda quikla 'wears out'. The neck isn't to strong and the frets are kinda sloppy put in there.

I'm not an all over expert, but the guitar is quite a solid piece. Even though I feel a bit unsatisfied with the neck and frets, I bought it used, and have used it for about three or four years, so it's a steady guitar considering the price. (the price would be about half of what I paid if you buy it in the US.

This guitar has given me alot of pleasure, and I have really enjoyed. Even though, the pick-ups aren't to great. If you're gonna use it to play loud with lots of distortion, it tends to very easliy give feedback wich is annoying...

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