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Summit TLA-50 : someone use it?

Hi everybody,

I'm looking for a compressor.
It's for an acoustic guitar plugged into a U5 DI.

Does someone use this Summit and tried with a guitar ?

Thanks ...
A friend told me that he found the TLA50 to be a very good and simple-to-use compressor. and that it was good for keeping dynamic control of his sources. He said it has a bit of tube "character" ,and was very good at 'warming' his sound, especially since he was working with digital recorders.

The thing he didn't like about it was that he thought it was a little expensive at the time but, he said it's is built very well.
Hi Thor H,

Thanks for response.

Expensive ... depends witch other compressor we talk about :clin:

Has your friend tried it on an acoustic guitar ?
He's a bass player, but i think i remember him telling me that it sounded good with an acoustic with a piezzo too.
OK, thanks a lot ...

I bought one and received it about 10 days ago.
I made some tests and this little compressor is not so ... little.
Very usefull on bass guitars and accoustiics guitars.

I've not made all tests yet (voices), but this seems a very very good device.
Thanks for sharing your experience! :)
Do not hesitate to write a review about it after few days of use.
Hi Psycom,

I'll post a review, but I prefer use it for a few more days before. I'm not yet very familiar with it ;)

I have to confess I'm actually inquiring about the FEQ-50 from the same manufacturer, as the TLA-50 seems near to be wonderfull for me. If the price/quality ratio is the same, this would be a perfect channel strip for me (U5->TLA50->FEQ50).