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premium - Reviews Beyerdynamic DT 990

DT 990 (not pro)
Beyer declined in 3 versions, 32Ohms, 250Ohms, 600ohms.
The one I'm talking about is 600ohms.
It is plugged into the headphone output, 80Ohms, a converter / controller TC electronic BM-C2.
It is dedicated to listening cushy-audiophile, acoustic music.
This is one of the best dynamics I've had on the ears and best audiophile. Listening is very comfortable, no "taking head", my small neuron did not return to heat for what he expects.
I saw 2 headphones, no more, that impressed me, and for different reasons, even antagonistic. The Beyer DT-48 and the DT-990. I speak here of dynamic headphones.
Listening to what's it like?
Superb stereo, lots of space, it does not fit the sound in the middle of the skull, no need to listen at high level, that, at the limit some other headphones do as well.
it is just as serious as I heard in a dynamic headphones.
It was not the medium and relevance of the DT-48. Must say that the DT-48 is the only headset with a medium as fair, with perhaps the Koss Pro YYYY.
It was not the medium of high-end Sennheiser.
This is not a headset for music player, it requires careful headphones and a little juice anyway, it's 600Oms. However, to do saturate !!!.... Must be deaf and crazy.
Nice product, well finished, comfortable, comes in a leather bag.
€ 310 live in Beyer, it's worth it to dig a little web to find a better price.