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User Review

nickname009's review - Direct Sound EX-29

I've come to realize that there are no perfect set of cans for every situation. At least not yet. These are decent for what they are and it seems the main purpose is isolation and not for monitoring or listening to music on a casual basis.

The design is probably the best part, the muffs are huge and fit over the ear, which is great for comfort. Everything, literally every part of the headphones are replaceable also which is great! The ear muff cushion is also very nice, it's not just leather it's something else but the overall construction and design allows for a very high amount of isolation. You can feel the isolation as soon as you put them on, it sort of closes the gaps between your ears and head and thus allowing a lot more bass back in what you hear, which is good and bad.

For me, I find it not completely accurate sounding. I just feel that it's too bass heavy and most of what I'm listening to becomes quite muddy. Could this be because of the extreme isolation? It's so isolated that so much of the bass that usually bleeds through from other headphones are restored? Or is it just plain ol, good isolation but the speakers aren't very neutral sounding? It's hard to tell, but when compared to other headphones it's definitely muddy sounding and definitely not neutral sounding to me.

I can see that this would be a good set of headphones for drummers, guitarists or engineers who are in very loud environments and need the complete isolation to properly hear the signal through the cans. I know Paul Gilbert has been using the non-pluggable version for his live shows to protect his hearing. Great choice.

Overall, it's a decent set of headphones for monitoring or protecting your hearing. Though I wouldn't say they are good for mixing or trying to hear music etc clearly and in a more accurate and neutral state.