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[Getting started] The best studio headphones for about $100

The best studio headphones for about $100
You can get some pretty good headphones for about $150 and while 50 bucks may not seem like much of a difference, it's a bit too much for many home studio owners. But don't worry if you are one of them, there are plenty of interesting cans for a tad less money. With this in mind, we asked our members of our French site to name their favorite pair of studio headphones for about $100, and we thought you might be interested in the results:

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And where are Beyerdynamics ??? :???:
The Sony MDR7506 are $80 and I have used them for years, The first pair I had I got from my dad and they held up for 20+ years.
The same can be said about Beyerdynamics DT48. Just more expensive and very natural sounding.

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