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User Review

Appreciated ENG Application - Reviews Sennheiser HD 25-1 II

I use it for two or three months now. I tried a lot of models that I can not remember much more exact references, Beyer dynamic and Seinnheiser.

I think this headset is ideal for use as I did: sound outside (shooting reportage atmosphere) and for sound analysis work requiring very close listening (because, I repeat, we hear everything clearly and not artistically!)

If he were to miss a headphone for this kind of work, there are chances that I redo the same choice. Unless you find another model with the same characteristics and whose sound would suit me more, because for the pleasure of listening to music, I orienterais to another product better suited to listening comfort and with a sound more attractive rendering.

My ratings for this product naturally take into account its use in the aforementioned professional setting!

Miking outdoor studio and now (because I have it in hand faster than another)

I appreciate his isolation outside noise (rather convenient for recording out). It is true that not shake your head hurt, but the insulation wins, and I use it for that! Alternatively, for a longer listening, it would be a bit tiring.

The headphone is solid, and that's fine because I am led me to move often. Its connection is replaceable (the wire is held by means of a clamping screw to two, and easily disconnect headphones).

The cable is short. So no knots to do, because the distance between the mixer is reduced worn around the neck and ears! it is much appreciated!

For listening, I could compare it with several other models in store. There were all sorts of references Sennheiser and Sony, from low to high end.
My choice turned to this model for the technical advantages mentioned above, and also because I liked its low (down to 36Hz) and midbass are clear and distinct (as opposed to many headphones he is impossible to discern clearly anything in this part of the spectrum) and I had a great perception of the central image. In addition, it does not filter the noise, so I can trust him if I have a technical shit I hear and be able to solve immediately!