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User Review

Headphones apart - Reviews Ultrasone PRO 900

I use it for two years now and it really is an exceptional headphone ... but complement. I use it to check things out at the bottom and the top, however, that to get an overall idea of ​​my mixes, I have more confidence in my Beyer 880 or my Sennheiser HD25.

The price / quality ratio seems correct, since it has no competitors. If you are looking for a headset to hear the low, it seems a much better choice than a Beat because many much more accurate. And it is very interesting also in the top, price aggressiveness ...

Anyway, I highly recommend it, even if it is not off-road headphone that can be used in all circumstances.

I use it for mixing and pre-mastering only, since the acoustic seal is not his forte and he would propose repisse too much if I used it in headset jack. The music I make from rock to electro to pop or more jazzy stuff. The port is relatively comfortable and made in high quality materials. It fits properly to my morphology.

Its connectivity is unscrewed: it is therefore not come off by itself if you step on the cable. What bothers me the most in this context is the atria that tend to dissociate themselves from the arch and to always tighten.

This is a truly unique headphone in his report that, in my opinion, is not balanced (do not use it to get an overall idea of ​​a mix so) but allows you to hear that no other headsets I tested in this price range (Beyer DT880, AKG K702, etc..) allows to hear. Features include a detail in the low end is lacking in all of its competitors, while acute, although aggressive, are very useful at the time of editing to hunt small imperfections.

As stated above, the insulation is not his strong although it is a closed model: it is therefore careful not to use it for decision.

His sensible offer realistic stereo image technology has not impressed me more than that: a headphone is a headphone and I do not see me pay my pans with other speakers.