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Problem setting up my krk 10s subwoofer!

Hi, I currently have a pair of rockit powered 5 krk monitors connected to the outs of my M-Audio 1814 firewire external sound card and my Mackie 1202 vlz3 mixer is connected via XLR outs to my M-Audio 1814 firewire sound cards in(it works great!!)

I just purchased a KRK 10s subwoofer and have changed my configuration.
I connected my M-Audio Ballanced/unballanced #1/2 (1/4") jack outs to my KRK 10s Subwoofers XLR ballanced ins,and my KRK 10s XLR ballanced outs connected to my KRK powerd 5 Monitors.

Now my right monitor ouput is extremely weak!
I even swopped speakers and the same thing happens!
I even swop jacks still the right side still is weak.

Does any one have any ideas what I may be doing wrong or is there any special settings I may need to adjust?

Please help!
Thanks, Dano
Sorry for the silly question, but...

could it be something as obvious as adjusting your m-audio settings on your pc?

are there any knobs or adjustments on the 10s?
Look for your pan knobs. Make sure all the settings on your krk speakers are set the same. Also check out where you are plugging these things in. you may be pulling in to much power from one socket. So try a socket on the other side of the room. A power condition can be one of your most important peices. Also test all of your cables. your gear is as good as the cables you use.... :bravo:
I've just come across this exact same problem - bought Propellerhead Balance today, connected it with TRS-to-XLR cables to my KRK 10S sub (whereas previously I was using unbalanced RCA) and my right monitor is about 14 dB lower than the left. I've just finished a systematic check of all my gear and I can isolate it to the right XLR input on the KRK sub. Any other connection doesn't show this 14 dB drop, and it's not the right XLR output either. So it's definitely something wrong with the sub. Unfortunately I do not have any TRS-to-TRS cables to test the TRS balanced inputs, but that will be my next test when I can find some.

I spent quite a lot of time looking for pan knobs, in software and in hardware, and I can 100% rule out any such cause.