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User Review

VTM or the art of doing a good job at Slate Digital - Reviews Slate Digital VTM Virtual Tape Machines

The installation was never complicated in Slate; We launch the installer, we follow the march forward, we choose the type of plugin, "There you go."
No incompatibilities identified.


I'm running the plugin on a Mac Pro recently, with 32GB of RAM. I turn on ProTools 10 and 11 standard Mac OS X Mavericks.

A few bugs here and there on ProTools, but the updates are regular, and 90% of the problems have been resolved at this time.
The configuration is generally stable except for a few minor flaws that persist residual display a few times.

FYI, with a normal session mix (80 tracks), I can run my usual plugins in addition to 81 iterations of VTM (80 16 tracks - one for each track, a last half in the bus to finish)


I use it since the end of last year. I hesitated to take the plunge since I have the Magnetic versions bundle at DSU, and that this is a direct competitor.
Slate fewer options, fewer bands and fewer potential effects, it may be the only drawback I see with this plugin.

That is; Slate has clearly become one of my favorite plugins platforms; Everything they do turns to gold, and here is quite appropriate.
After reading the documentation, we learn that it is better to make a chain close to reality; The documentation is very precise and not give bad examples.

So the best thing to do is to spend VTM first, where could follow VCC to add color to a console.

The coloring is subtle, adding harmonics is amazing, and the distortion created is beautiful, never too far and therefore never really uninteresting.
Calibration is a positive, even if I rarely need. Control of wow and flutter would be worth a little further, and I admit that adding an extra step would not refuse just to have a panel of higher tones.

But here; The plugin sounds, and it sounds really good.
Since November, all my mixes have this office plugin, and I'm not likely to take it off anytime soon.

For my part, Slate VTM replaced UAD and Waves I could have previously versions.

I recommend loudly, it's a plugin that you will not regret!