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User Review

My amp Laney - Reviews Laney CUB12R

One channel with two selectable inputs: 15 watt or 1 watt (great for playing in an apartment)
HP 12 "
All lamps: 2 and 3 EL84 ECC83
From left to right: Reverb, tone, volume, bass, middle, treble, gain
The reverb can be switched via a switch (not supplied)
Effects loop (silent :)
8-16 ohm output to connect an external firm.
Can slightly tilt the amp with a removable metal tab located under the amp that is very lightweight (11.5 kg).
not stand by, damage. (- 1)
All course details Laney site.


Manuel brief and useless. The amp is very simple to use. Finishes and cosmetic appearance are impeccable.
However, I had a small problem with power supply (-3) with at the beginning. The store was immediately traded me without problem. Perhaps the lack of standby there is something (?). Or components. The seller assured me that the distributor had hardly ever return this model. I trusted him because he is a very professional and very nice guy.
So I got used to all the knobs to zero before turning it off and turning it to avoid any incident.
RAS since.


Initially I had the idea to buy a Junior Blues to offer a little brother to my twin reverb. But I found it difficult to deal with a very fast aggressive sound performance. So I tried this little amp straight from China. My faith and he seduced me immediately. Good clear sound, nice reverb. We can do cruncher fairly quickly however, which is not necessarily displease me. Pushing the gain and lowering the volume we get a big crunch see a beautiful saturation, perfect for blues, rock and very big rock, very fat. The tone control can be very useful for fine adjustments. The volume is amazing, even with 1 watt input he surprised by its performance. I thought that the use rehearsal and finally I'm already served in the bar and I was not disappointed. Big plus: it loves pedals in front (boost, distortion or modulation) or in the loop.


Aside from the small problem starting, frankly for the price what more? It really is a nice little amp and endearing. Ideal for beginners as for experienced guitarists at home, in rehearsal, bars, small scenes. I think he will accompany me for a long time.
I put 8 in overall score (and I note severe). I did not know Laney and suddenly it gave me the urge to try other models of the brand.