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User Review

50 Years of legend in ... 1watt! - Reviews Marshall 1960s JTM1C

Marshall gives us a beautiful gift in republishing her greatest hits in paperback ... Neighbors will be happy ... But not as much as we do!
This is a combo "everything" lamp with two ECC83 pre-amp and one ECC82 power.
It is supposed to emulate the JTM45 I say supposed because I've never tested JTM45, so I will not make any comparison, but just an opinion of the amp as I understand it.
Only 2 Controls Volume / Tone and returned to 2 feet in legend.
The connection is equally brief, since it has the input and ... and that is all, except of course the food ... Good but there is little doubt that it does not stack ...
HP meanwhile is a Celestion 10 ", and there is the possibility to connect an HP external (8 & 16 Ohms)
Very important point is significant, it is the small switch on the back that allows you to go from 1W to 0.1W (o_O) yes, yes it is possible, and it is seen from the developers!
Last little detail ptite clear light orange look great ... Just like at the time.
The design is very sleek, and very reminiscent of the amps behind Jimi Hendrix is ​​seen on all live ... We love, we do not like .. I love it!


As mentioned above, there are only two controls. You can manage the tone and volume. This is the same principle amps then ... No channel saturated mega distortion and distortion Full saturax + +. You push the volume for a natural crunch caused by the rise of power. With a Les Paul you can still have a nice distortion Rock, ca tomb is its registry.
The advantage of having only two buttons is that the manual is pretty brief ... It teaches us however that the tone knob cuts or increases mediums, so to have a neutral adjustment must be 12h.
As for finding a good sound, to be honest, with a good scratch is "one branch, we play, we love ..." and this is very good!


Insofar as I play mainly Rock in my group, and being a big fan of Hendrix, this reissue I quickly typed in the eye!

The sounds are really beautiful! The clear (and therefore volume position 2) is straight and slamming, and especially fully respects the guitar and microphone used (a Fender '62 Reissue Statocaster) is just superb. Pushing the volume to 5 we start to feel a slight crunch, but it continues to remain straight and clean and always slamming it goes to 10, the curve is very gradual, so we can have many intermaidiaire, but 10 the ca purrs really is hot and what is roots ... Hendrix fan, you know what I mean ...
I also plugged my Gibson Les Paul Classic is still accurate, but with the roundness of the microphones (Seymour Duncan Alnico Pro II & Slash! Hey yes Jimi is not only in the Rock!). The sounds are subtle, although it saturates faster, it remains in the field of well Crunchy on the border of the distal ...
What makes me come to the point of really interesting amp, the fact that it has a channel, and a beautiful sound I have called "right", allows him to any pedal ... And there is heaven ... I tested with a RedFuzz, it is a wonder, a Expandora is ZZ Top ... ProCo Rat is a fatty wants with real nuance according to the rate distortion ... and much much more ... Finally everything goes ... this is a real treat ....
In contrast, the tone knob, I do not have found any other adjustment / nothing / middle ... So I would not say it's a bad thing ... But rather as a binary option (or trinary ...), but to my ear, this is not the setting of the year ...
Noise level hard not to love ... In any case, I love all my configs gear (guitars / pedals) allows me!


I bought there 2 months now, I play about 2 hours a day ... and since I have this amp ...
I play on a Marshall JVM410H already in the studio, then its typed Marshall, I'm a fan. But apart one 100W is rather risky, so I bought there 2 years Vox Lil 'Night Train, although it has all the qualifications, I did not rediscovered .... I tested the Tiny Terror, not bad, but not my cup of tea .. I also tried the Vox Night Train, friendly, but Vox, I'm not a fan ... (I'm not saying it sucks huh?'s Just say it is not a sound that speaks to me ...)
then the day I decided to pass on a lil Marshall amp home, I tested the Class 5, rather damn good, but be honest that 5W is loud apartment ca ... But when I came across JTM-1, between design, simplicity and sound quality ... Everything was! So I did not hesitate ...
Of course, I am quite clear about the black spot of the amp is its price ... But this is a debate in which I do not want to go, because often sterile. I sold 2/3 Tips guitar, I had the budget.
Now judge the quality / price ratio, this is subjective, I know that 700 € is a sum, even if we find okaz probably in 400 € / 500 €. I am passionate about music ... So when Marshall leaves a "relic" of the 60s which is very small, which goes back to my room and that's going to take a very long time, and that its just wonderful to my ears ... Well I did not ask ... It is 10/10.
Jim Marshall passed away this year ... These little amps are a great tribute to this great man ...