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User Review

1 watt - but it's AWESOME! - Reviews Randall RD1H

1 watt tube amp

2 x 12AX7 preamp tubes
1 x 12AU7 power amp tube

1 gain / 1 tone / 1 volume

1 channel

1 effects loop - 1 XLR emulation output


It's über-easy to use.

Do note that the 3-way switch allows you to use 3 different equalizations. (a sort of contour or presence) - Rock / Lead / Metal. Sound changes quite significantly.

The tone is effective but really usable starting from 50%.


I'd say it isn't made for clean sounds, it's for crunch sounds at the least.

I play mainly metal, sometimes rock and even a bit of blues.

Let me be clear and brief: This amp astonished me, after my ENGL Savage tube amp head, I had never been in such awe. This amp made for home (1 watt), has a killer sound. I plugged it to a 2x12, and it sounds wicked, with a somewhat dirty Crunch, just the way I like it, and with a metal distortion that 's jaw-dropping.


I was looking for an amp for home use and I found it!! TUBE SOUND at low volumes.

I love it. :)

I recommend this amp to anybody, except for clean sounds. (and obviously to play at home).

FYI, I tried out an Orange micro terror ...and it's not that "terrific", except for its name, lol...There's no comparison, the Randall is clearly better...and I don't work at Randall :)