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User Review

It hurts! - Reviews Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp



The configuration is it simple? not
the manual? It is vital, and I like its simple way of explaining it gives me the impression of having been written by sound engineers who made the preamp: technical terms, and everything there was to know, but a tone that is not "for sound metal type press the button and you will get the desired Squeaky" but rather "when the treble knob will apportrer aggression and gain sound during the bass will allow to give more fullness to grain. We can put very little, but if missing, get a sound with little relief. "
and I read this: "Aaaaaaah!"

"The 5-band EQ can be set V as those groups that fill the stadiums for a more aggressive sound, but the R & D work has been done with the EQ off, so that you have a quality sound re- work ": I love it, it is quite the way I have explained, and that is exactly how I would have designed the preamp, elsewhere: a sound regardless of the settings magnificent, and the ability to sculpt in all directions.

Talking about her: Gets it easy to sound good?
It depends. We get a great sound at every turn of knob, but do you get the right sound easy? No, because for that you'll have to search a little bit, and the beast is complex: 4 pots gain two different EQ, full of different switches, a 5-band EQ await you with the best system in the world preset : a block, a pencil, and ears.

From more modern technologies is a real breath of fresh air. It feels so good to not be drowned in the preset I am using NEVER because I find disgusting, and be able to adjust sound with real knobs, while having sound possibilities that I never imagined possible on analog.


Is it ... yeah, if I had a style of music set, actually, but I like all that wes montgomery DT, it will take some time. But polyalence preamp 'and the fact that the sound I like many do in fact, this preamp is much like the idea that I have "my son".

Yet (because I have other guitars in the future) an old Ibanez RG dimarzio evo2. It is very pleasant as her, but suddenly I have a guitar that sounds like it is played and a preamp that does the same thing, and I'm re-work my game, so, because the mesa highlights the shortcomings of certain aspects of my technique. Of course, he does so that the average listener will say "owah is beautiful" but it will let you know, quietly, in fact, that note, it sounded not.

I do not hate any sound, in the limit, the HP simulated output side has a "honeycomb". But suddenly, I could compare with different materials, pod 2 to the FX axis buddy (I use at least 2/3 times a week and I started to know). Axis is doing well (compared to a real cab, it is very acceptable), the pod 2 has its supposedly bigger, but in fact, it's just ugly in A / B testing with the preamp studio, the impulses on the sound of the mesa only give a less beautiful sound drowning thoroughly in the mix ... racing results: most simus HP devices below 1500 € have a sound much uglier than the recording output of the mesa, and I would not hesitate one second to mix taken mesa / boogie with fractal audio jacks.

And with good EQ and a little know-how (which casually refer to a very discreet light slapback) can quite simply get a listenable sound.

But I know in my heart, if I want a sound that rocks the house I need a power amp and cab be (and a microphone, and time to put my microphone, and a local acoustics drinking).

In the meantime, I use my fender frontman 212 as Poweramp + cab. The sound, sustain, feeling, everything fits squarely the road, it sounds! (1 HP but Chinese price of this combo in the worst part, the rest is decent, bring a slight coloration, but crappy sound).


a short week

Have you tried many other models: put *** yeah, to discover that my ears like the hypercher material, but do not hate some transistor amps, and my fingers played with better equipment to its hyper defined. Because Mesa sounds bold, but means every note beautifully spring. And in fact, the good stuff, it was both simple and complicated: there are myriads of amps and effects and guitars, for every budget, every guitarist, and frankly, I think we takes us openly for suckers when I see the prices of some materials.

(Philo activated counter mode)

So I was delighted to find a gear that has been proven at a price that matched my modest savings of young (because there's not that students are broke, other young people also shit like Russian , no question of going drinking shots every Thursday night ...). It's been years that I hear, and I decided to take the plunge.

What really set me in the decision to offer me is that: this preamp (like my guitar) was in very capable hands. Which came sounds completely insane, more beautiful than that, you die.

So with this type of gear, the only limit ... it's my fingers and ears. The positive point is that it's hump.

(And here's the end of the philosophy counter mode)

You decide whether this material suits you. I love it, from the very first note I played it (but I already knew exactly what to expect). If I have any advice for you: do not hesitate to really find a good used equipment and do not hesitate to spend time (and unfortunately, sub). And once you find "your" thing, do not change, learn how to use it and know it by heart.