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Behringer B-Control BCA2000 - Reviews Behringer B-Control Audio BCA2000

I bought this unit from, i paid $220 for the unit. I got it because i wanted to be able to record with my computer.

The BCA2000 is extremely versatile - all kinds of inputs and outputs, anything you might need. Also, it has an invisible mic preamp, and a noise gate + limiter. It's loaded!

The software drivers, they suck. They aren't very stable. This isn't a huge problem, more like a pain in the ass. I got it to work, it just took a while. For help with the drivers, check out this little guide i made:
Other than the driver issue, it's really simple to use.

Built like a tank, really heavy duty. I own a Behringer Eurorack as well, which fell about eight feet during a show and not only survived, it stayed on through the rest of the set!! Well Built

This is a really nice interface. If you put some effort into installing the driver, (look at my guide) things will be fine. Don't be discouraged by the other reviews. If this was stolen i'd have to get another one.

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