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Reviews USB audio interface


Review of the Audient iD14 USB audio interface

Keep the IDeas Rolling A little over two years ago we reviewed the iD22, the first ever audio interface manufactured by Audient, an English brand well-known for its consoles and mic preamps. Considering the crossover to the digital world went fairly smoothly, these Brits have now decided to take another step in the same direction with a smaller and less pricey second interface. But does the iD14 retain the same qualities as its big brother? read more…

Review of the PreSonus AudioBox iTwo

A Versatile Audio Interface for iOS and Mac/PC More and more audio interfaces are hitting the market that are capable of connecting directly to an iOS device or a computer. PreSonus recently released two such units, the AudioBox iTwo and AudioBox iOne. We’ll focus here on the iTwo, a 2x2 interface sporting two mic preamps. read more…

Audient iD22 Review

22? Show Me Your iD! The interface market is very crowded, but who cares. Audient, the English brand renown for its consoles and preamps, decided to take the plunge with a desktop interface that has caught our eye. Let's see what's the iDea behind it… read more…

User reviews on USB audio interface products

A perfect interface for its price (Audient - iD44)

By LeHomeStudieux, 02/08/2018
Disclaimer: as I am mostly recording acoustic music and material, this review only intends to apply to my own use and needs. I also use VSTi virtual synths but probably not as often as someone recording electro.

My computer’s setup:
AMD FX 8350 processor
24GB of RAM
Windows 8.1

The driver (v4.01) is stable, not a single problem uin a good 30 hours of use.
As for latency, I see a clear difference between 48Khz (close to the limit) and 96Khz (perfect for me).
The routing interface is simple and efficient, you don’t have to waste time reading the manual which is a very good thing.
As for the preamps, they lack warmth and gain compared with the external ones I own (SPL Gainstation, ART DMPA2...) but they’re still good pres for a sound interface in that price range and they can do the job if need be. I usually get into the converters through the inserts. For the price, the converters provide a good quality.
The Hi-Z inputs are coherent whether you use them with a guitar or bass. The resulting sound is clean, with no excessive color added to the sound.

The IDScroll feature which allows to change a parameter using the ID44’s center wheel is practical but won’t work with just any plug-in – only with those which knobs were programmed for a scrolling method. It won’t work with Guitar Rig 5, for instance.

The headphone outs provide a comfortable sound quality with an acceptable output level – no risk to make your ears bleed in the end.

Regarding the ARC bundle, it won’t suit just anyone: I assume that whoever buys a sound interface in that price range already owns a better DAW than Cubase LE and Cubasis.
I thought you could get two free Eventide plug-ins (UltraChannel and Reverb) but no such offer is available in the user section on Audient’s website. You can access 2 tutorials and get two of your 24/48 tracks (or 10 in 16-bit) mastered at Landr.

Monitoring features are very practical, and i think that as a whole this is a well-designed interface, even with its few flaws here or there.

What I like most:
- its very practical monitoring features (Dim, Cut, listening, mono and so on) for all situations (recording, mixing, mastering)
- its ease of use
- the well-thought format and placement of connectors and controls
- the sound quality for such a price range

What I like least:
- limited use of 48Khz quality because of latency (but it’s very good at 96Khz...)
- the “made in China” ON/OFF switch seems very fragile and almost go off the very first time I used it
- the USB cor dis too short, unless you use it with a laptop PC
- the included ARC bundle won’t be interesting to everyone

Great for beginners - lots of I/O (Tascam - US-16X08)

By Pedro Cenit, 21/11/2018
I've owned this interface for two years now. Previously I had my first Focusrite 8i6 which I upgraded for more imputs. At the time I wasn't even an audio student, just a hobby musician.
Bought this interface when I started studying looking for something that would let me mic a drum set. Imagine my surprise when I found out this is the ONLY interface that offers 16 real imputs. No ADAT, SPDIF, etc. I've since used it to mic entire bands with low latency. Multiple outs allow you to set up different mixes other than the stereo out (which has one headphone out).
The pres aren't that great. After 3 o'clock there begins to appear heareable white noise. This usually isn't a problem, but beware of SM57s that require a bit more drive. It has 2 instrument imputs with regulable gain, so it's like it had 10 pres for me. The 6 line imputs can be pushed using the DSP compressor's makeup, or you could simply connect more pres. So, hardware-wise, this interface is one of the best.
On the software end, things were buggy at first. As many early reviews said, this thing was unstable on 2016. Ever since, Tascam released new drivers that work fine with Windows 10. If you want to make it work, it will work. I've used it with Nuendo, Cubase, WaveLab, Pro Tools 10 and 12. No issues there.
Between this one and Focusrite, I think Focusrite has better drivers with lower latency. At 44khz, US 16x08 has huge latency settings. 10ms in and 4ms out at 128kbps. So you may consider using it at higher sample rates if you want DAW monitoring. It has DSP monitoring with virtually no latency at all, but then you don't hear any plugins you may have added.
Don't let this turn you down. Pres and latency are a problem at almost everything in this price range, so between this one and other brands, I'd stick to US 16x08 for the I/O. With it you can really learn how to mic a drum set, record a full band, try M/S configs, all of it with no problems at 96khz/24bit.
By the time you begin to really hear what's "wrong" with Tascam 16x08, you will be ready to move on to a higher quality interface like Audient, RME, UAD. These units move in a different price range and have better converters, pres, drivers, etc. and are just what you may need for a more proffesional home studio down the future. I've upgraded to an Audient ID44, so only 4 analog ins for me now. I don't miss US 16x08 because I've moved on from my initial "want to record everything" need, I may get more imputs with an outboard octopre in the future just to get that feel again though.

Conclusion: A great interface for audio beginners, students, and just people with lots of I/O needs.

May not be pro quality, but great for begtinner - better than UM2 for just a couple of quids more. (Behringer - U-Phoria UMC22)

By mrgreymusic, 27/12/2018
Use this on top of my Dell Optiplex 360, have my Neewer 1500 (£18) at Input 1 (XLR powered) and my Tanglewood Jetstream guitar through a Zoom G1on going to Input 2. Really happy with the quality of the sound - its years (30) since I did any home recording and this setup is far better than I expected. Seems very stable - as in I've not foumd anything unstable at all. I've been able to get latency at ~5ms. Is that good? I can work with it anyway.

Currently have the outputs going to desktop speakers and using it as a sounds card as well, have switched off the internal soundcard. Saving up for proper monitors!


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