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Olympus LS-20M Review

Cam' on Everybody Somewhere between the pocket cam and pocket recorder market segments, Olympus has introduced a hybrid called LS-20M. The concept is simple: offer a full-HD pocket cam capable of recording good-quality audio, making the LS-20M the first real competitor of the Zoom Q3 HD, which is currently the only product in this market segment... read more…

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High quality video, prices coming down (Logitech - HD Pro Webcam C920)

By Rick Dinsmore, 25/11/2016
Camera is a big step up from basic models, has a Zeiss lens and focuses fast enough for most uses. Good in low light.
Audio is better than your computer's built in mic, but for any serious uses you will want external mic.
With the arrival of the C922 prices are coming down on the C920 below 50.00, and the improvements in the new model are marginal at best, making the C920 a continued good value.

Bazik unique (Apple - Bazik)

By [taktik], 13/10/2014
My opinion is not objective as the creator of the application. on the other hand I can explain how Bazik is unique.

This is the software vj / visualization that I know who is as simple and fun to use. Bazik was thought to be operational immediately, without need or other content.

He is quite capable of doing the VJing alone for the evening, offering simple animations that make sense but with ambient music that continuously analyzes. And most resourceful can play with the settings and effects.

ZOOM sound, video 1st prize. (Zoom - Q4)

By SCARABÉ JOYEUX, 06/09/2014
I use it for one week
I was very attracted to the pub made around Q4 knowing the ZOOM H4 stereo I trusted in her, and I'm not disappointed.
However the characteristics of the image, type hd 1080 720 ... trust me on set but what do you except that his food instead of in less time than it takes to say j I have the impression of the first filmed with nokia phones!
In my room, dim light: a large flow of grain in the video. Although amateur stuff.
Maybe share a sunny day you can get something decent like the entry-level digital camera.
otherwise the format is very practical, intelligent with the screen that removes, and light.
So for a price of € 260 do not dream; it's still an amateur camera, a beginner, a bit rotten what.

Better to instaler ZOOM H4 on a canon or nikon reflex so that it becomes interesting.

In short its not well worth the cost!

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Lumen, new software analog video synth

Published on 03/04/15
Paracosm introduces its upcoming Lumen, a semi modular « analog » video synthesizer that will be released this summer for Mac OS X.

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