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User Review

hen's review - TC-Helicon Play Electric

Voice effect
Effect + guitar amp simulation

Extensive connection for a small machine:
- Voice input
- Guitar input
-output guitar effects
-output live amp, guitar effects are bypassed
-output stereo / mono with 2 XLR
-USB (Not yet exploited for me)
-output headphone to work in silence (very useful)
-entrance to work on the play back (very useful too)
This is the digital

A downloadable software on the site allows you to rearrange and rename presets but no effect settings via this medium, too bad. You can download presets for against for a particular song, style, ...


I wanted a tool that allows me to keep my voice settings on any table. I do not want a gas plant, since I'm used to plug and play. (Stomp box only ever multi effect)
Operation is very simple, pictograms are used to visualize the effects quickly. Navigation is similar to that of a computer file with tabs. It is very easy to understand.
The manual is not included in the box, and there they could have made an effort, especially since it is very useful to understand how the machine and make your adjustments accordingly. In particular to adjust the setup depending on your config.
Effects settings are accurate because contrary to what you see displayed when you turn the knob on the value in db or other unit that is displayed and can be accurate fine.
To embed the name of the song in a preset is very comfortable, need to know what song or just read. The screen is very readable condition scene.

Small problem namely: when you change preset (in the same song) there is a lag time, not huge, but enough for you to miss the change of time, so you need to plan. Do not do it!


Guitar here:
There are stunning reverbs (flat). Simulations pedals at TC are not terrible, but I'm not a fan of this series, I prefer the Nova. The cleans the amp are very correct. The crunch and distortion less, but it helps out if your dung beetle tube fussed. Or if you have to play a few songs and you can not go drag your amp.
I not use the amp simulations except for work in silence at home (and that's a lot).
Two menus have additional settings that are essential in my opinion; the delay (with tempo, subdivision and color repetition) so lots of opportunity, and simulation models with a 3-band EQ + parametric mid. Most wholesale.
It takes a good day to set everything and find the sounds that suit you best.

Song Menu:
I have not yet fully explored, but there is plenty to do much.
Too effect kills the effect, and there is enough to decimate an army ... You will find your happiness. The sound is bleffant, hearts are really realistic, the reverb clean, ...

I had gone to integrate it with my pedal board (20kg) and in the end I turn the delay, reverb, chorus, .. I had and I do everything with this little thing. I'm a little lost in the bass lower midrange compared with the guitar plugged directly into the amp, I have to set my gear accordingly
Knowing that I still have an overdrive that goes well, a wha worthy of the name and my Orange pedal.

When you play guitar without plugging output (no mass coup) was the hum (with the headphone is obvious). Everything disappears once the gear connected.


For a singer guitarist is really comfortable I can focus on the music and I do not have to tap dance.

It is a tool which must be programmed for each song all in advance. As I work this way suits me.
In short this pedal serves me create the background of the songs; reverb, chorus or delay for guitar and program my voice parts.
It also allows me to work with the headphone back play of songs.

A bit expensive though. 250E 300th to it would have been fairer. I greatly regret not having the function Hit the guitar would be very helpful. But the need to invest in the range above.

In the opinion of my group sound has not changed guitar level, I was able to reproduce my stomp box effects) on this machine. The voice module can be fun provided you use it sparingly
I would do this choice, see the range above for: comfort games, clutter, my back, sound.