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User Review

Multi effects for great guitarist and singer - Reviews TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3

Super harmonizer
Super multi guitar effects
Super Looper (I sold my RC30 and rc2)

Good connections (photo media in the voicelive3): I plug
in input mix my fx axis 2, my guitar and my synth multtipad SPD30 to record loops
My guitar via the GR55
A micro tc very well who does not take the sound from the speakers
An expression pedal that I was affected by patches voice, guitar (effects, wah, pan, volume ...)
A configurable switch pedal 3


General configuration simple and powerful.
Pretty simple editing except for the guitar part (interaction between amps and distortion ...) the easiest way is to use the software editor VoiceLive 3.
Manuel clear but not detailed enough, not including the latest enhancements.


Harmonizer sublime (the LV2 was well)
Super multi effects guitar (sounds sympaths amps but no phaser, medium distos simulations quite sure worse than the fx axis 2)
Looper great from the shift in May 2014

Another highlight for the axis as Fractal fx 2, the support and Update: Craig tc helicon responds quickly to questions and requests for improvements from users who have suddenly full of good ideas (but n have a developer for make these changes ... each generation of VoiceLive lasts about 4 years, I am optimistic for these improvements because Craig is listening to the see on facebook and YouTube)


I already had the Korg IH, a digitech vocalise, then at tc helicon VoicePrism the voiceprisme addition, VoiceLive 1 VoiceLive 2, VoiceLive Touch 2 that I sold to buy the VoiceLive 3 the day it Pigalles arrival late January 2014.

This is the heart of my config.

I love everything and would like some improvements:
. Synchro noon
. Steering Looper from the switch 3 or 6,
. increase from 10 to 100 loop stored in the limits of 45 minutes of memory for storing 3 loop variation battery by song
. Play memory card (loops)
that will surely staying patient.