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Wharfedale EVP-X

Wharfedale EVP-X18B

User reviews on Wharfedale EVP-X products

Voxros's review (Wharfedale - EVP-X15)

By Voxros, 10/09/2005
I use it for one day (I would compare with teu-s15 I had a week (with a problem of TEUs and not possible to get it back one, then change against the new series x-teu )
The more I say it a lot more than the potato SERIES teu-s (300w instead of 200) and the quality is always present you with more bass and lower compression Submitted agrssive (the teu-s n'taient agrssives but not the one I find is softer and provides better rstitution I got). Also at the wharfedale acronym, two LEDs can indicate whether the speaker is on its way and if the speaker saturates. The finish is also better now than on encienne SERIES (the carpet is better now fixed, no trace of such staples. In the least, I will say that I liked the look of the non-compression grid and also the weight (9kg or 30 kg more). also the connections that taient recessed rear speakers and the vitaient to have cables that emerge are now flat so the cables come out.
The ratio price quality is indisputable, there is no better now, I would do without this choice hsiter!

Good value for money (Wharfedale - EVP-X15)

By marmot51, 28/12/2013
I use it for 1year (3times a week).
I used ais system tri-phonic icube macmah icube 505 and 600.
In terms of performance and quality has nothing to say. Simply excellent. Small flat for acute garish but with a correction of an audio processor that become perfect.
With the experience I remake that choice but hesitated in knowing:
-Need a subwoofer 400w rms 8ohms mini (as x15 teu are cut 3kHz to my memories)
-Audio processor for limited acute. (Or limited on the mixer ^ ^)

Very good product, not expensive for the quality

Grilled HP (Wharfedale - EVP-X12)

By GanjahSmok, 28/04/2014
Hp grilled in the middle of an evening with friends (she was almost never used), pregnant only three quarts, with a mixer ever peak hoping to be an isolated case ..

The finish is good, the handles are solid, the front LED indicator is well thought out and the front grille is solid.
For what is inside, the screws are a little cheap (they degrade by unscrewing, even with a good screwdriver).
The power supply is protected in a "compartment" to mesh inside.
Regarding HP, I found on the internet nine to 65 € which may be representative of the quality ..

quentindu77's review (Wharfedale - EVP-X15)

By quentindu77, 03/05/2008
What about simply sublime pregnant, I do not believe that in this age of money to be found best, good treble, super bass, it's just perfect, thank you Wharfedale.