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The old progressive rock lovers thread ;) - forum Your Favorite Music


I finally succeeded in posting here, so here is the thread to share our love for old progressive rock with bands like Genesis, King Crimson, Gentle Giant, Yes, Camel, Van Der Graaf Generator and so many more...

Let's talk about our favourite bands, albums, songs and more...

Actually, I'm really into le Orme "Felona e Sorona", "Heavy Horses" by Jethro Tull, "Silent Cries and Mighty Echoes" by Eloy.

Quote: so many more...

Like the french band ! Magma for the Zeulh style, and Ange :bravo:
Here i am!! Yes, Genesis, ELP, Gentle Giant, Focus, ....etc etc
one of my favorite(if not the favorite) styles of music.
Bookmark !!!
Yes!! Many many more ;)

Nice to see an ELP fan, they're not really appreciated anymore :(

I received the Snow Goose this morning, so subtle and beautiful, Andy Latimer is a fantastic guitar player, loads of feeling here!
This album is great, but from Camel I prefer Mirage, the songs are so great.
So do I! Mirage and Moonmadness :bave:
I was a little bit disappointed by the last concert of Genesis in Brussels (Turn it on again) except for the light & video show :clin:

Can you dance :?:
I saw them in Lyon and it was really great!! But I have to say that I appreciate the Genesis from the 80's, even if it's not my favourite.

"Mama", "Home by The Sea", "Domino", and of course "Afterglow", "Ripples" or the In The Cage / The Cinema Show / Duke’s Travels medley!

It was just great to see this line up for real (Chester Thompson!!)! :P:

Quote: But I have to say that I appreciate the Genesis from the 80's

With Peter Gabriel?
"Musical box" and "Trepass" There are my favourite albums of Genesis