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Didnt like the menu's (Morphology)

By AlanForPresident, 07/09/2012
Zero G Morphology is a VST instrumental that comes with a pretty big set of presets/sounds. Most of them are well made and are ready to use right off the bat, but some of them just need a lot of EQ to be done because they have a lot of “unwanted” sounds and frequencies. I think total there are over 3 gigs of sounds. The layout of Zero Morphology is pretty basic and everything is easy to understand. For the price of it though I wish they made the layout a little more appealing and eye popping. It doesn’t really stand out to me like I like them to. I ran the Zero G Morphology on a G5 Mac running Operating system v10.3 and it worked perfect and never had a single error or crash. I am not sure if this can be used in Windows because I have never tried.


There are more menu’s or sub menu’s than I thought there would be and if you using your laptop or a smaller screen , the text on some of these menus can be hard to see and read. .This can get to be very irritating at times. Most of all the effects are pretty basic and standard, nothing to really brag about. But I had no compatibility issues , everything works accordingly. Also, I am not sure if I have ever seen a manual for Zero G either, but maybe they have one on the website.


All of the sounds and instruments on Zero G Morphology are put into categories that lead to sub categories. When you start getting in to more menu’s that’s when the text gets smaller and more issues arise for me. The sounds are really good and I am happy with them but the layout isn’t anything that I would pay for again. I hope they update the layout and menu’s before the next edition (if they haven’t already).

Stand Alone or In Kontakt (Nostalgia)

By AlanForPresident, 09/09/2012
Nostalgia by Zero G is basically a library of patches that came in wav files and also with .nki files. I am very glad it came with .nki files because I use Kontakt and that is what those files belong to. Nostalgia has some sounds in it that are so amazing, there are some really good synths and basses. There are a ton of presets and presets of all kinds. The Nostalgia Zero G could be great for almost any style of music across the country and will give you a very unique sound. The Nostalgia Zero G runs great and will not give you any issues at all. I do wish it would also come with a pre made exs24 so we could have all of the regular sounds of the instruments without having the effects and everything on it. The Nostalgia Zero G will take a little time to get use to if you are using it as a stand alone, and if you are using it in Kontakt you will have no problems (assuming that since you already have Kontakt that you know how to use it).


Zero g runs great, I have never had any problems with it as a stand alone or as just using the .nki files or even the .wav files. Everything seems to work great and sound great, and once you get past the small learning curve you will be well on your way.


I was not happy with the price of this VST though, when it came out I didn’t want to fork out that much money for it so I ended up just putting it on a credit card and paying it off slowly. I don’t feel like it should have cost that much, it was about 50 dollars over priced in my opinion especially when you have to use it with Kontakt in some programs. I have used it with Kontakt 3 and now with Kontakt 4 and it still works great though. The quality of all of the instruments are good, some of them are really good and quit impressive.

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