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Roland pc-150 drivers for xp

I am using a Edirol UM2ex interface which gives me no problems when using a stompbox and Guitar Rig 2. But it does not seem to recognise my old Roland PC150 midi keyboard (I dusted it off when I got the Korg legacy series). I have scoured the web looking for some kind of support - but it seems that even Roland have no interest in supporting their own products after they reach a certain use by date.

Some kind of help in this regard would be really, really, really bloody useful... please....
I'm having the same problems with my Roland PC-150, and I don't have a solution yet either.

First I realized my computer didn't have a game port at all. So I dusted off my old computer, which had a game port, but it turned out to be only a game port, not a MIDI port.
So I took an old Creative sound card which had a game/midi port and I put in in my old cumputer. So now I have a MIDI port and I connected my keyboard, but I also stuck at this point.

I hope somebody can help us :/

Try this to see if your computer receives data from the keyboard:

Yuo should see two new lines appear on the MIDI Data Monitor tab each time you press a key on the MIDI keyboard.
I made the keyboard work!
With Anvil Studio. This is an ooold version:


It might work with a newer version too...


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