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User Review

Not a 12-string headlock - Reviews Ibanez AEL2012E

As many guitars, it's made in China. For the price, the guitar is pretty well finished even if I had to finish the job Ibanez:
- Extract the dust inside the box
- Refine sanding dam visible from the soundhole (I saw him playing and I was quickly inflated)
- The key oil with lemon oil because it was too dry
- Rid frets their oxidation storage

Apart from this, the mounted original strings are Adario and the preamp is equipped with a handy tuner (especially with a 12-string o).

Good surprise, guiytare comes with accessories and a second adjustment nut to have two types of action: bass and a little higher.


The handle is one of the reasons why I chose this guitar. I tried a bunch (well, those that I could find in stores ... lag, takamine, epiphone, Seagull, Guild, Taylor ...) and the width of the neck of the Ibanez can play as well that agreements arpeggios. Basically, I can play pretty much what I play on my 6 strings (must press a little more and the bends are more sturdy anyway).

Its not plugged is bright enough (maple + 12 strings ...) but pleasant. Once connected, you can work the sound with the preamp and amp correctly.

Really headlock and holds tuning pretty well. You just do some stretching ropes (but that I do consistently) during tuning.


You have to admit, "Dead or Alive" may not sound as if played on a 12 string ... Unplugged with SRV and some metal ballads, this was the reason to buy this guitar.

I have a lot of guitars, mostly electric. It is certain that Guild or Taylor 12-string is very enjoyable to play but let € 2,500 in a skyscraper that will play from time to time? Obviously, if you do not play as John Denver, maybe you have a different opinion from mine.

The advantage of Ibanez is its solid construction, preamp and its playability on stage, she will hold the tuning and his flamed body, she lay under the spotlights enough o)

Other avantge she returned hair cell in a Gator case for jumbo guitar.


All 12 strings tested, the Ibanez is the one with the best comfort of playing and value for money. The integrated tuner is a big plus for me and the preamp is pretty good with minimal adjustments.

The spacing of the strings is very important on a 12-string. According to it and your hands, it will be difficult to play anything other than strumming ... With Ibanez, you aures no excuse not to play all your directory.

In addition, it is rather nice transparent black.