Hello i have recently purchased a pair of behringer truth b2031a monitors really cheap and am currently only using them for casual use, i.e laptop and ipod whilst i am learning ableton. Basically i just want to know if there is a two way splitter box with volume control that the two 1/4" Trs cables from my truths (left and right) can into with a 3.5mm jack lead or input coming out? this is just to pop in my ipod or laptop etc for the moment.. I hate the cheap £2 splitters you can get like this one ----->

I am sorry if i am terrible at describing what i mean but if anybody could please suggest such an item for me i'd be very very grateful! This is the only item i think i've found that could solve my problem please let me know if it's not . http://www.proaudios…plittermixer.html