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User Review

centurygold's review - JBL 4312A

The listening ..... the listening and the listening and yet we fall in love with a luxman 2x50 watts to time ....
this material can not forget what the n is not in the context of the consumer society and its fads.
C is outside the norm and this is part of the legends from the 4310!


Same c 4312 mk2 is perfect in such a small volume with components of high-flown.
many columns to the next mode is ridiculous including gear that are worth more than 5 times the price ........ looking for the error and contact me when you have found the!
I respond quickly and effectively as these speakers hit hard and fast without any hesitation on the message that they deliver sound with diabolical precision.


See 4312mk2 c is the same thing! 2213h with bass reflex in the lower one for the medium 104h3 a ti 054 titanium for acute and two rehostats listening to refine the filter virtually absent all served in a beautiful box, stiff black finish with a big logo jbl on the side for the B. .. JBL sells two new versions in Japan under the 4318 and 4312D apellation. n the acute is the same and seems more especially on the economic D.C is a pity that we buy in FRANCE that prices in this area! the Japanese adore these beautiful and effective .. the U.S. has always fi is part of their culture not ours ... c is best for us dear TVs to see star academy and cars! n The importer does more to come in FRANCE. n the 4312mk not have to sell in sufficient quantity to justify the continuation thereof. Decidedly the delay in FRANCE becomes increasingly evident in all areas and more so that of c there are technology became an abyss! With some melted well aware of the true values ​​and authentic marketing gradually erase the reality with products modes (4x4, very expensive disposable flat screens, mobile port (jet) ables at the price in two or three years of jbls, plastic toys sold in the fi and j in the process. The goal is trade n t n to sell it not matter what dream of making suckers present even among the "pros" without being more royalist than the king?