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User Review

Anonymous's review - Samson Technologies Rubicon 6A

T say everything I think,
I just want to add that the wind is located low on the front which can be places close to a wall which is not the case with their concurrent closest my mind (yamaha HS50M)

I use it for home recording
75Watt, almost too but in a sense it can serve as mid-range!


John 9:25 - "j'tais once blind, now I see"

With these speakers is plutt: j'tais old deaf now I hear.

Their strong point is that they are not gnreuses like most speakers in this price range. They are fair and retransmit exactly what is happening in your mix. It gnial to work with them because when we go on another Systm of costs, there are no surprises ...
I had the test before yamaha HS50M (gnreuse too dynamic and too low in the lower spectrum), frankly, there's no picture! Well may be that some or other beatmaker DJ prtendront me that yamaha are better, but to make acoustic music that should ring true, they are much better.

The image is trs good stro
The curve is frequency drives trs trs trs good.
The sound is clear and just prcis
Dynamics is well respected, it's not the speakers that boost everything go in, they're just right, so, at Premire costs, your tone seems small and a bit cold dcption of rising in you. But when you have 2 or 3 above mix, then you understand that they are really harsh environment.

I put them ten because for the price, it is hard to beat


I use them for a month and I did a whole project on it (+ mix mastering could cost you the -> .

I love the most:
They are fair and they do not have "strong point" or "weak points"
-Their design and their apparent robustness
Possibility of three-diffrent connectors (RCA, line, XLR)
-The wind facade

what I like least:
Why I have not bought SOON !!!!!