Hi, I searched for anything dealing with Wharfedale in monitors and didn't find anything so I started a new topic. I recently purchased a pair of NOS amplifiers for wharfedale 8.1 Pro active monitors. I plan to replicate as much as possible the original design and build a couple of decent near field monitors with these amps. However, no documentation, drawings, schematics came with the amps. The four pins for the speakers are not marked and I cannot find anything online to help me determine which two pins are for which of the two speakers, or which ones are pos and neg. I'm hoping I can find someone in a forum who might have taken a pair of these speakers apart and knows which pins are for what or has a schematic to share. There are other ways of finding out, but take more time and advanced equipment. Any help would be appreciated. I'm posting a picture of the connector.https://medias.audiofanzine.com/images/thumbs3/amps-monitors-3030819.jpg