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Ashdown Pibass -240 and Mi 12 Speaker Review

π = 240 Watts Ashdown Engineering's PiBass head is the signature model of Polish bass legend Wojtek Pilichowski. I tested it along with the Mi12, a cabinet featuring a 12" speaker. The two products combine to make a 240-watt stack that costs under $900, and has a total weight of under 42 lbs, so it's not hard to see why Audiofanzine pushed me to do this review. read more…

TC Electronic BG250-210 Bass Combo Review

Please Turn on Your Cell Phones! Yesterday I downloaded the free version of a mobile application that makes cats fly! read more…

Tech 21 VT Bass DI Review

A New Bass Pedal in Town The VT Bass DI offers vintage tone and lots of handy features. How does it compare to Tech 21's other VT Bass products? read more…

User reviews on Bass amplification products

No fuss, just good tone (Warwick - Sweet 15)

By AlexanderBassSmith, 03/01/2018
I purchased this amp over 9 years ago. In that time I have used it as a practice and gigging amp.

First off, its a no fuss amp and really very easy to get a great tone from. 4 band EQ has not left me wanting at all. The "boost" switches provide a really quick toggle to some nice changes to your bass tone.

I am a really keen user of 1x15 amps because if the really round bottom end you get from it, but the tweeter on the amp really gives you a clean and crisp top end sound from the amp, the tweeter can be turned on and off, I never turned mine off. I have been using this with Jazz and P bass.

Its built to last, as above i have had this amp for some time. It still looks great, the carpet has taken some criticism in other reviews but mine has lasted brilliantly.

Highly recommend.

One criticism, its heavier than other amps of its size. but its a small problem.


I really dig it! (Two Notes Audio Engineering - Le Bass)

By batmad, 14/04/2018
Hi all,

I’ve owned it since it came out.
I played it live at La Cigale, an important venue in Paris.

I play an active Fender Precision in genres close to Royal Blood, The Black Keys, Black Pistol Fire (even though they don’t have a bass player). Needless to say I like a bass sound to be very heavy and aggressive, with a nice compression.

I’m very happy with that purchase.
The A amplification gives the low frequencies a huge punch, while the B channel provides very aggressive mids.
The possibility to mix both channels is a real asset for this pedal as it allows to keep channel A’s precision while distorting it using channel B.
For my live sets, I keep channel A on at all time and add B or another distortion (Moof MF Drive) for passages where I need to sound louder.

The only cons I’ve found so far is that the two switches are located a bit close to each other, so when in a hurry you sometimes end up pressing the wrong one. It also causes problems when intending to switch the both of them on or off, as sometimes only one of them gets switched.

It seems sturdy and well-built, but we’ll see how it ages.

In the end, I’m very happy to have bought such an ambitious product, all the more as it is French – ok, and a bit Chinese, too!

BVX 115 and TVX 410 (4 ohm) (Peavey - 115 BVX)

By Bassmanb3, 27/10/2018
A fellow Bassist and friend sold Me a BVX and a TVX for $140 because they were 4 ohms so He had to use 2 heads to run them, they were too heavy, and He needed the space. They both are great sounding cabs. If I only use one I use the BVX. To My ears it just sounds better, Counter to what You would think It has better definition of the highs than the TVX.
After Years of abusing a little Behringer 300 watt head running it at 2 ohms ( it sounded great), I finally solved the impedance issues. Just got a Hartke LH1000. Tube preamp and two 500 watt power amps. Yielding 320 watts to each cab at 4 ohms. Wow! Finally unleashing the full potential of these cabs. Awesome!!!! Really move some air!

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[MUSIKMESSE][VIDEO] Live from the Hotone booth

Published on 04/08/16
At the Musikmesse, Hotone present a large collection of guitar pedals and mini amp heads.

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Marshall 70's JMP-50 Head

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