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User Review

moosers's review - Oberheim OB-8

The Oberheim OB-8 is an analog synth in Oberheim's classic line of synthesizers.  The keyboard of the synth spans about four and a half octaves, which is pretty big for a synth of this nature.  The synth is polyphonic up to eight voices and has 1/4 inch connections (there is no MIDI).


While upon first glance the Oberheim OB-8 may appear a bit overwhelming for those new to synths, everything is broken up into neat sections.  The main sections of parameters for the OB-8 are pretty universal and include oscillation, filter, envelope, and modulation.  There are a ton of different parameters to work with under each of these sections, so you'll definitely be occupied for a long time trying to explore this synth.  I've never seen the manual for this, but would recommend having it or some sort of instructions around if you are new to analog synthesizers.


The amount of different sounds that are possible with the Oberheim OB-8 is mind bending.  I haven't even begun to explore everything that this synth has to offer, as I feel I have just scraped the surface.  I can say that all of the tones that I have used on the OB-8 have a consistent level of quality and analog 'fatness' that makes for a great overall synth.  You seriously have complete control over the sounds that you are making because of all the different parameters.  All of the synth sounds on the OB-8 are valid and useful for the most part, but my favorite type of synth sound that this is capable of would have to be the bass sounds as they are just so round and fat sounding.


Even if you are not primarily a keyboard player like myself, you should know about the OB-8.  It is just one of those instruments that should be universally recognized by us in the industry and as players.  If you are an analog buff, this is one of the holy grails of analog synths and is one that should be tried out by every synth player sooner or later.  The price of the OB-8 varies, but is about right for a classic synth like this.  Overall, I would recommend the Oberheim OB-8 to anyone interested in analog synths...