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A review of the Audio-Technica ATH-M70x headphones

The Hear and Now If you’re serious about your production work, you probably should have at least one pair of premium headphones in your studio. They’re extremely helpful both when mixing and tracking, and the more accurate their reproduction, the more useful they’ll be. Audio-Technica announced several new reference headphone models at NAMM this year, among them the ATH-M70x. read more…

Audio-Technica AT5040 Review

AT a Premium Since its introduction, Audio-Technica's new high-end mic has provided plenty to talk about. read more…

Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ Review

Mr. Plus New product in sight for all home studio owners looking to save some money and space in their studio or bedroom! read more…

User reviews on Audio-Technica products

Excellent Value (ATR6550)

By Rick Dinsmore, 25/11/2016
Works very well with DSLRs as well as smartphones with a simple adaptor.
No, it's not like a Sennheieser but neither is the price.
Mounts easily to DSLRs and uses easy to find and replace regular AA batteries.
Comes with mic stand adaptor for use on booms and a windscreen.
A quality item at a fair price.

A product to fight Neumann KMS and Shure KSMs...and to win against them (AE5400)

By Vandergaze, 03/01/2018
We experienced approximately 3-5db more gain before feedback from the AE5400, in comparison to both the SM58 and the Neumann KMS 104.

The 350-500 Hz dib it has is very useful, because it's a frequency the live mixer always pulls anyway and it takes away lower mid mud from the sound.

The high end is very articulate and clear. It can sometimes be a little bright for a PA, but taking a db or 2 off at the top, should help enough to end up with a finished, polished, close to Studio sound.

We were all very impressed with how much authority and unbelievable performance could come across from the singers to the audience. You never realize how much can get lost on the way from mouth through mic, mixer, speakers to ears...and making the first element in the chain better, definitely improved the experience, our audiences have had, since we used this mic.

Very happy with it. Clear contender in the Neumann range, with a better rejection, slightly less openness, but more mid and high end resolution than its Shure counterpart.

For the used prices of 150-250$, you can't go wrong with these.

If you do pop, are a singer songwriter, a cleaner Indie singer or even a shouter in a metal band....this mic has worked its wonders and everybody has always asked what this mic is...they couldn't believe the quality.

News Audio-Technica

[MUSIKMESSE] Audio Technica present ATM350a series

Published on 04/07/16
Audio Technica announces the ATM350a series, an updated version of its ATM350 series of Cardioid Condenser Instrument Microphone.

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Audio Technica AE4100

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Audio Technica AE4100

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