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User Review

MetallicRiffer's review - Boss CE-2B Bass Chorus

Analog Chorus (?) Format pedals.
3 knobs: speed (rate), depth (Depth) and level of effect (Level E)
Mine is a MIJ (I do not know this is the case with all of the pedals from Boss SERIES brown)
Quality manufacturing irrprochable (Boss what).


Setup could not be more simple (three knobs, it is a Grable!)
I put the Depth and Level and the bottom rate to 1 / 3.
The manual? Ah ah ah! Good joke! ..


The chorus is beautiful trs (fawn all I am a big fan DEFINITIONS chorus of Roland / Boss) and still trs discrete (it's for a while I put the bottom!) And blends beautifully in the mix (even a little too).
Arpges in the upper strings is wonderful and food does not at the signal or the spectrum of the bass.
While it is mono, even when we feel it broadens and spacialisation signal.
One of the best bass chorus for me, if you love the grain effect Boss.


I have 2 years and I headed directly for it is the one I knew what I was looking more and I had a good OCCAZ 'above.
For 30aine euros OCCAZ 'the ratio Q / P is one of the best ever!
Yes I do it again this choice without problem, even if now I do not need all these pedals.