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Like a big! - Reviews Markbass Compressore

This is a compressor in its representation of more classic gain, threshold, ratio, attack etc. ... the usual controls of a studio rack but the format suitable for pedal bass.
It's all analog with a lamp in the circuit.

One regret: no XLR connectors which would have allowed easier to insert into a string of "direct console" with an Avalon U5 for example ...

Memory was also a big plus because the beast is impressive and change réglmages a compressor on the fly is never easy because the number of parameters.


The use is neither easier nor more complicated than a studio compressor.
Namely: it's good to know what each control but you might as well trust your ears because here you will not overwrite a mix but just your bass sound ;)


The utility of lamps supplied with 9v ... is very controversial whether it is pretty or not my faith I know nothing but the result is there: the sound is excellent!
This is totally transparent and respectful of your instrument with a little extra heat provided by the side lamp - or not :) - and that made me prefer the MXR bass compressor is one that is most closely connected.

No breath, very clean signal: Friend studios!

This is an ideal choice for those who want the same benefits of a studio compressor (all settings accessible) format pedal.

particularly effective in slap and when you go to pick to control the dynamics and make punch.
very well also use more "fine" during a solo on fretless for example to limit the peaks unpleasant.


It has become an essential part of my set-up and allows me to manage the sound when conditions are tough and fits perfectly complement other compress more "direct" but with fewer parameters such as BSE.

In conclusion, is used as well as studio control as dynamic or as full effect to "grow" the bass line.

must have!