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User Review

Unbeatable for the price - Reviews Behringer Bass Graphic Equalizer BEQ700

Copy of the Boss, more cheap, but much cheaper, even occas'


Placed on my pedalboard, it does not move, and just serve me cut toue kind of acute ... for a very dull and serious sound but no drooling ... It works fine


Very decent sound quality. Never used in the studio, but the live, there is no breath, the effect works nickel ... frankly what more?

Used with several types of bass, active or passive, it works nickel!


I bought used '10 € on the right corner ... it fulfilled its mission, equalizer, simply but effectively.
Frankly, the boss may be better, but who can really hear the difference?

At that price, for a live or even to correct its use it works very well.
It's plastoc, but we know, and this is not the kind of pedal that you jump in with both feet ... it is not a distortion: D

Frankly, for informed amateur use (20 concerts per year) I think she filled her taf without problems. The rest is just snobbery, and then have to take a little care of his gear. And if one day I have plenty of gold coins, bah I would take something else ... but for now BEQ 7 rules!!