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User Review

One of the earliest multi bass fx - Reviews DOD Bass30

The DOD Bass 30 is one of the earliest bass multi fx units made for mass use, and it certainly was one of the cheapest. It included multiple sections of different effects. The first effect is the modeling, and this allowed your bass to be modeled after a certain amplifier type, distortion type, or synth type. It included Classic, Modern, Rock, Overdrive, Fuzz, Fretless, and Bass Synth. The next section was the EQ/tone section, where you can change such parameters as Volume, Model Gain, Treble, High Mid, Low Mid, Bass, and Gate Threshold. The next section was the effects, where you can choose a modulation effect, such as Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Vibrato, Envelope, Pitch/Bend, and Detune. The next section is the compressor, where you can adjust Crossover Frequency, Threshold, Ratio, and Gain. Next there is a small fx section for Delay and Reverb. And finally, there is a parameter section, which helps you adjust any of the parameters of the fx and models. There is also a wah on this unit as well.


First of all, this pedal is made of some pretty cheap plastic, and if you are not careful, you can easily break this thing, either the 5 foot pedals or the small buttons themselves. But this pedal seems to do it all, and it even has a tuner. If you are introducing yourself to the world of bass effects and processing, you can't go wrong with a unit like this. It is organized relatively neatly, and there are plenty of buttons and menus that allow parameter editing to be relatively easy.


The sound quality of the DOD Bass 30 is mediocre to good. Nothing here will blow you away, but the basic effects sound descent, and everything simply does what it's supposed to do. I find the simpler tone modeling, such as Classic and Modern, to be relatively benign, and don't really seem to do much to the tone. They would hide and muddy a great bass guitar or a great bass amp, so there is no need to use those unless you have poor equipment.


Overall, the DOD Bass 30 is worth picking up if you need a cheap multi FX that does it all, just to experiment around with. Don't expect it to hold up to heavy touring, though!