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Well to begin with! - Reviews Ibanez PUE-5B

There is everything you need. 4 effects more or less usable. The bottons are moving and are very small. It's been fragile.
5 Programations can
stereo output, line, and headphone


Very simple. Intuitive.
The settings or chorus or flanger sound not easy to knob The same two effects it is 6:00 to 12:00 and 12:00 18hh00 one to the other.
It is of little buttons that move laterally gadget. Anyway once we set button.


The compressor is much better than CS 3
the equalizer is very noisy one is better GE 7 B
chorus / flanger is super nice, very deep, but the swing is understood in the same amp without touching the bass. If one adds the equalzer blowing. Ben is no need to play it makes music alone. And the little Gate is behind, should be left to bottom all the time if not it's worse.
The delay is good but I find slamming. I prefer the DD 3
Shame about the noise because it has a great sound.


It's nice to have a stroll for. Easy to carry. No son everywhere. What compact. A headphone with a long wire, an electrical outlet, ideal for holidays. 4 effects for a low .... It is bad enough.
They just create a distortion effect and it makes a perfect guitar to go play with friends.
Because he has a great sound and that the effects do not eat up the gain. He is sending.
I think for the bass you need a good head amp and a subwoofer for 2 meter high! and a set own.