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User reviews on Bass Pickup products

DiMarzio Model P DP122 (DiMarzio - DP122 Model P)

By MGR/Billy, 10/01/2011
I was building a P-bass project and needed a pickup. I had heard DiMarzio made good pickups and well everything I heard was true!

This is a black, split-coil Precision bass pickup. Model: P DP122.

I bought this at my local music shop. Right around $50 or $60. I also bought a CTS wiring kit to compliment the already great pickup.

It fit just as it should with no mods.

The tone is fierce! It is loud and mean. The mids growl. Everything you want and more from a P-bass pickup.

There is no unwanted noise from the pickup.

It wired up no problem.

None at all, I am very pleased with this pickup.

I've gigged with my project P-bass for close to 8 years. Knock on wood, no problems whatsoever with the pickup.

The screws have began to rust, but hey, I PLAY this bass. If it gets out of hand I will replace the screws, but it looks cooler as is.

If you want more growl and low mids coming from your P-bass I suggest picking up this pickup.

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EMG SEJ Select Jazz Bass Pickups (EMG - SEJ)

By MGR/Billy, 19/04/2011
I helped a friend make a killer budget Jazz Bass. He basically ordered an SX brand Jazz Bass from Rondo Music and we changed the hardware, strings and electronics to make a smoking bass.

This review I will talk about the EMG Select pickups.

I found a set of these used for $40. Brand new they cost $80. Pickups hey if they work, I could care less if they are brand new or not.

These are almost silent as far as unwanted noise. They are a little hotter than what came in the SX bass stock.

They were direct replacements for the pickup cavity. I was able to use the same screws and springs that were from the original pickups.

The pickups could really nail the classic Fender Jazz Bass 'growl' granted we weren't a top of the line Fender bass, these pickups have a mellower scoop. No big deal just note you will get more of a modern bass tone than a classic Led Zeppelin style tone.

Whatever system EMG is using to keep these pickups quiet is working out great. I was very surprised that this is marketed as a budget pickup.

Bottom line is, these pickups are sure better than some unknown pickups. I would say it is a close race between these and the MIM pickups. If you are upgrading a cheaper instrument always remember upgrading your pots, switch, jack and cap is equally as important as the pickups.

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Q-tuner q2.0 neodymium J-bass pickup: a departure from normality (Q-Tuner - J-bass pickup)

By Jerome Jackson, 21/02/2015
I bought this pickup to upgrade my 4 string J-bass. Use it to practise and for gigs. For the last twenty years, I've used a couple of J-basses with original as well as retrofit pickups. The neodymium Q-tuner q2.0 J-bass model is a class of its own. No other J-bass pickup delivers such a powerful and transparent sound. Killer dynamics and completely noiseless. For more info:

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Published on 12/07/15
Seymour Duncan has released a new variation of its Quarter Pound bass pickup specially designed for 5-string Precision Bass-style instruments.

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Published on 07/12/14

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