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User reviews on Bass Pickup products

Q-tuner q2.0 neodymium J-bass pickup: a departure from normality (Q-Tuner - J-bass pickup)

By Jerome Jackson, 21/02/2015
I bought this pickup to upgrade my 4 string J-bass. Use it to practise and for gigs. For the last twenty years, I've used a couple of J-basses with original as well as retrofit pickups. The neodymium Q-tuner q2.0 J-bass model is a class of its own. No other J-bass pickup delivers such a powerful and transparent sound. Killer dynamics and completely noiseless. For more info:

Excellent! (Crel - Silent JB-42)

By Jeybass, 22/05/2014
I just get my 4 string jazz bass marcus modified with new pickups and preamp SILENT JB42 marcus retro. Suddenly it's true that it's a big change and we do not know at first, which was awarded the quality of sound, microphones and preamp ...

The real music is silence and all notes are qu'encadrer silence. (Miles Davis)

By myself, one thing is certain, for silence is the silence! then certainly the comparison with the original pickups is painful but before changes microphones when I put my face in my low preamp (which provides a large magnetic fields) that buzzait and blew tremendously. now nothing or hardly. POCS not tic tac or when you slap or attack you ...


I made the choice of microphones for their accuracy, not screaming treble and bass marcus curves as being ash (quite hard and heavy) it is ideal for slap. It provided a lot of banging and good bass, but you can not have everything, this configuration (same as my Ibanez ATK 300) is lacking in the mids ...
And then I said that I played well worth it! before installing microphones, impossible to play a sound at the pastoral. nasal sound, lack of bass at the bridge. Now when I select the microphone bridge, bass treble slightly decreased slightly lower and medium barely increased it sounds serious pastoral is not nasal (in addition to the selection of medium frequency preamp is the top). I switch on both the treble pickups medium center to center or a little down and low in the center and it sounds marcus. the sound is balanced perfectly, no "sound hole and low" when the balance microphones are used to move from one to another and throughout the race.

Brief serious and this soft, beautiful midrange, treble present but not garish. and power.


These pickups have 5 each son, 2 connected to the preamp, 2 linked together in a vacuum (not ground) and a braided ground. they are thicker than traditional jazz bass pickups (from the coil to pick up extra noise) and therefore does not leave much margin for height adjustments microphones.


The pickups are made to order, it is not the factory is hand-crafted, it was good advice over the phone by someone who bother (and most fun) you give!

That's good, you have silence and big sound to accompany it remains to choose the most beautiful notes!

Great (Schertler - DYN-B-SET)

By Geo la bidouille, 10/05/2014
I love the brand for having tried several microphones, it is truly exceptional, it does not alter the sound of the bass unlike piezzos. Sensor installation is done in seconds with the special paste that came with. It is better to have a preamp (gain) and an equalizer to shape the sound a bit. (Dig around 180 Hz The price is quite big but the result is here! The brand is a guarantee of quality and reliability is well proven.

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