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Cockos Reaper

Cockos Reaper 4

User reviews on Cockos Reaper products

A reference (Cockos - Reaper 4)

By tourtour, 13/10/2013
Clean, quick and light installation. It takes maximum 5 clicks and you are ready to discover this superb sequencer.
Configuration is easy following the kind advice of people in the forums.
I recommend you to install one of the configurations made by Réno and to pay close attention to his tutorials. You will have at your disposal an incredible customizable and powerful DAW.


I use it on a QOSMIO laptop with an i5 processor and 8GB ram.
Resource usage is ridiculous even if stuffed to death with plug-ins.
My system has never crashed. I've never experienced such flow elsewhere.
except maybe with Ableton live (which isn't comparable at all).


I've been toying with it for a year, but the last three months I've been working more seriously with it.
To be honest, I installed it some years ago but I never really paid much attention to it.
Big mistake!
I worked for a long time with cubase (from atari to version 3.7, I think).
I then put general-purpose sequencers aside to focus on
more creative software (ableton live, usine...)
I simply love its versatility, how easy it is to familiarize oneself with it, the great implication of the community in the forums, and its sound business policies, which led me to buy a license without hesitation.
I have never regretted my decision and I recommend it to anyone who still hasn't found his Holy Grail among DAWs.

A nice surprise (Cockos - Reaper 4)

By Le Garage Studio, 28/01/2014
It can't get any faster nor simpler. It's only 7MB and the installation takes 30 seconds. Copy-and-paste VSTs from Cubase. And, bingo! Everything works perfectly!


No remarks.


Being a Cubase user, I switched to Reaper to mix and even compose. A really incredible software, it's easy-to-use, intuitive and with endless possibilities. Although I'm not one of those geeks that changes skin every week. It's really awesome.

Light but powerful DAW at a low price (Cockos - Reaper 4)

By TreDay, 08/10/2014
REAPER is a very small download and a quick installation. It could not be any easier to get on your computer and ready to use. The manual is lengthy, but with plenty of screenshots and diagrams explaining each of REAPER’s many features concisely. Getting your plugins and MIDI devices setup is pretty much the same as other software packages, so there’s no hassle there.


The interface is snappy and responsive, everything is clearly laid out. The CPU usage is low and I’ve yet to encounter any instability or crashes even after 5 years of use.


REAPER’s features are pretty standard. Multitrack recording, flexible audio and midi routing, audio editing and so on are implemented just as you find in most other DAWs. The interface doesn’t have a lot of panache but it’s very customizable and the community creates custom themes and skins, drastically changing the look of the software. While REAPER is a very straight-forward program that does most DAW functions by the book, it does have a few subtle changes to the concept of tracks and bussing that are rather clever. There is no “audio” or “midi” track. All tracks are just general purpose tracks that can contain a MIDI or audio item or even both in the same track. Also, you can make any track act as a bus simply by dragging tracks underneath it and clicking the folder icon. This will nest the other tracks under the parent track and route all audio through it. You can also just drag and drop tracks into a desired bus track to nest them underneath. Very elegant and intuitive.

Included are a suite of some very usable processing plugins. A couple of compressors, limiters, EQs, pitch shifters, a convolution reverb and so on. The interface for these plugins, much like the interface of REAPER itself, isn’t the most inspiring--it’s very bland with no fancy graphics, but the plugins work and fairly well at that.

There isn’t a whole lot to say about REAPER, by design. The developers actively post on the forums and frequently update the software and keep on top of bugs and minor feature additions. It’s a powerful DAW that eschews a lot of bloat and flash, keeping things fast and simple while still delivering everything you need for professional audio production at a great price.

+Fully Featured
+Simple Interface
+Low CPU use
+Clever Bussing and Track implementation
+Great, Active Community
+Frequently updated
+Low Price

-Fairly bland looking
-Doesn’t come with a sample or instrument library
-No bells and whistles in general

Full featured and intuitive, great price for beginner. (Cockos - Reaper 5)

By mrgreymusic, 27/12/2018
I'm running it through Windows 10 on a really old and cheap Dell Optiplex 360 (which also cost about 60 bucks). It runs fine most of the time, the PC stuggles when pushed, not a fault of the software - I had it happen with other DAWs I was testing.

The video tutoirials are a real plus point for me. I just dip in to get the bit of knowledge I need - pretty comprehensive for a low level user like me.

Good native included plug ins and support for external so no problems on that score, unlike some other free/cheap DAWs.

Can't pick out any really 'unique' features. Does at least what other ones I tried. I looked at Ardour - both Linux and Windows, Studio One, Tracktion and one more whose name escapes me (sorry). Reaper is best for me by quite a way.

News Cockos Reaper

Reaper gets notation editor with new version 5.20

Published on 05/20/16
Cockos has released version 5.20 of Reaper, most notably introducing a new MIDI notation editor.

Reaper reaches v5

Published on 08/18/15

Reaper v4.5 update available

Published on 09/02/13

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