Hey guys,

I have a problem where I am streaming drums on twitch. Here is the gear/software that I use, I will then explain the situation/problem I have:

Focusrite 18i20
Virtual Audio Cable

I plug all my microphones into the Focusrite, run Reaper and everything is great. I can get the levels to where I want and everything sounds good. I use OBS to broadcast my stream. To get the audio from Reaper to OBS I need to use Voxengo and Virtual Audio Cable and have that audio captured separately from my desktop audio. The audio sends fine, although initially it's a little delayed to my desktop audio, which is where I am playing spotify from. I use spotify for the covers that I play. I just delay the desktop audio by 285ms and everything syncs up great. I record some short videos and everything is in sync and when I stream it is for the first 15-30 minutes. After 15-30 minutes the desktop audio and my audio from reaper/voxengo falls out of sync. Any reason why it may initially be great and then it falls off?

I thought of plugging my phone into the Focusrite mixer and using it as a separate input to then send with all of the drum audio at the same time with voxengo. This works fine so far, although I don't want to hear any playback from my drums while I am streaming. It's far too off putting when I am listening to a backing track and the way I have achieved this before was to mute the master audio. Voxengo is put as an FX on the master track. The audio still sends through voxengo, although I can't hear the audio through my headphones. That's what I want until I plug my phone in to hear the backing track music (spotify) If I turn the monitors off on reaper, the audio still sends through the headphones. I can't have only the input of my phone playing through my headphones without everything from my mixer coming through my headphones, no matter if I have the monitors as on/auto/off. It doesn't matter, it always comes through.

Any ideas at all on how I can have the spotify audio synced with my drums live on stream as well as all I can hear through my headphones is the backing track from spotify with all the gear that I have?

Here is a video of the recent stream. You will see near 20 minutes that the audio starts to fall out of sync: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/261863672

Hopefully I explained this well enough. Please ask any questions you may have about settings or anything else that you may need.

Thanks in advance!