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User Review

Calou2000's review - Roland RD-300NX

Value For Money : Excellent
Stage Keyboard 88 keys with touch heavy (17 kg).


The touch is very nice, not very heavy but balanced (the model above, the RD700NX offers a better keyboard, but also more expensive and around 25 kg).
The manual is very clear (that said the device functions are relatively simple).
The selection of sounds is simple, but it takes time to "reprogram" most other sounds that the piano live sets, consisting of a maximum of three tones (bunk splités) is prepared.
It is not really programming, but preparation and configuration.
It has a 3-band EQ on the front, very convenient!



- Acoustic pianos very well (and the possibilities are many.) It has quick access to the new sounds of piano, but you can also get other sounds in the machine.

- Electric piano very well, but we feel the lack of effects sometimes.

- Organ: the keyboard is a bit heavy, but it is an interesting choice. Unfortunately, the effects are limited, you can put a reverb, chorus (+ compressor needed) and another effect (and only on the first tone). Thus, it was a whole bunch of distorted organ and saturated but leslie. So it's distortion or leslie damage.

- Strings: very rich texture. Progress in this area. Good pads if you like it.

- Brass / wood blah ... go, oboe well, and the saxes and tuba.

- Mallets / Clav. : Good vibrations, good harpsichord (but dynamic)

- Guitars / bass: some nice electric guitars, acoustic guitars are rotten, especially because after the attack transients of sound, a sound is heard smooth, flat, hollow (a very short loop). To be honest, they were better on my JV90 1994.
The bass is honorable.

- Chorus: Hmm, little interest. Always the preset scat which is useless.

- Finally, many synth sounds that do not add much either.

You can adjust the reaction velocity for each program (fortunately, because there are aberrations as harpsichord and Hammond organ dynamic touches!


This is clearly a digital piano, the other sounds are there to help. I wanted a lighter digital piano (under 20 kg), but with a touch heavy enough, some additional sounds (including harpsichord, very successful here). I hesitated between the FP50, but I did not like the feel too rubbery, the Yamaha CP50, very good touch, but ergonomics rotten and too heavy, I even tested a used piano north but I don ' I was not thrilled with the feel of the keyboard (light and noise, pt be because he had served) on the other hand sounds are at the top.
I especially like the touch and sounds of piano, electric piano, and the opportunity to build his sets of programs. Although many sounds are not up to those of piano, it can be good to have access to a very wide range (accordions are great as well as saturated in the hair stand on the head of John organs Lord).
A good quality / price ratio and a versatile keyboard.