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User Review

yoTrakkz's review - Roland RD-300NX

Roland does it again with the RD-300GX, this board has amazing sounds. All of the Roland boards have a very warm sound, plus this keyboard is very affordable. The after touch is great and the keys feel like a real grand piano. I have used this keyboard a few times on and off and everytime I mess with this board I am surprised by just the overall feel of it


Like I said before and I will always say this about Rolands boards. All of the sounds have great warmth too them, other boards have sounds that sound light and thin. All of Rolands boards bring a very well rounded full warm sound to the table. Roland prides themselves on creating keyboards that have the best and highest quality sounds.


I would compare the sounds to this board with the sounds of the higher Roland workstation boards, except this boards electric pianos are probably the best out of all of the Roland series of boards and workstations.


Overall with the price of this board its definitely worth the purchase, just go to your local keyboard store and sit down with the Roland RD-300 GX and you will see what im talking about and what all of the buzz is about. You will sit down at this board (whether you are a seasoned keyboard player or a beginner) and you will feel like you are playing a grand piano. The weight on the white and black keys is about the same which is hard to find on electric keyboards. This board will have you feeling very creative and ready to lay down some great chord progressions that will leave your audience with their mouth open. Finding an electric keyboard that can do this is rare, that’s why you must give this one a try.