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User Review

funkylio's review - Waldorf Streichfett

It's a string machine sound module. Having had several of them, Solina, RS 09, lambda, and elka rhapsody, the rack format is wise, because it's not the kind of sounds you use all the time, it's just another color and a dedicated keyboard often takes up space, even if it provides a vintage touch and you can put keyboards and effects on top! Total polyphony and a mix between, roughly speaking, chords and more lead-oriented sounds (for once, you get closer to the lambda spirit).


There's no real need for a manual, editing is easy.
Animate is not very useful and, even if well-designed, I would've liked better to be able to select each type of voice rather than to have algorithms.


The famous chorus is well replicated and gives a it a mushy touch! The sounds, even without chorus, can sound fine (personally, I like the raw sound of my rs09 without chorus, because the latter has a somewhat "artificial" drift) and, while being typical, the sound palette available is pretty vast.
Yes, sometimes it lacks softer highs, but you can filter them, and I can perfectly imagine a DEP 5 behind it.
The lows are incredibly granular for strings and the choirs are interesting.
The envelopes are very useful and more comprehensive than on the Streichfett's older siblings.
The sounds are vintage, but you can also change that. However, be careful since it's easy to go into bad-taste cheesy territory!


I think it's adequately priced, I wouldn't have spent more given the editing possibilities, which can't be compared to a synth. The window of opportunity is now open, other brands can jump into it and a keyboard version will certainly find a good response.
I've had it for one month and I don't regret my purchase, even if I sometimes wish I still had something vintage because the Streichfett sounds a bit too proper.