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Comments about the review: Sounds Like You Mean It - forum Monster Beats Pro

Sounds Like You Mean It
Thanks to its partnership with Dr Dre, Monster's Beats Pro have become a grand success. But are we really talking about a new reference product here or just a fad? That's the question...

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I agree with you that much of the hype is about ‘fashionable’ and flattering the low side,but you seem to miss the point about the cancelling noise filter(embedded),inspired from the security headphones.
It reads the incoming noise,and ‘injects’ an inverted phase similar sound('in real time'),so the feeling,inside,is ‘silence’(some kind of active/passive external insulation)…
For me,that’s the most interesting part of this ‘trend’…
For the rest,I don’t think they are made to be ‘professional’,but more like the perfect ones to hear Hip-Hop,or some heavy bass related music(Reggae,Dance,etc).And for that,they do a nice job,at a ‘interested’ price.Dr Dre thought it well! ;-)
This is an interesting review because some of the most successful music acts have featured these and other Monster headphones in music videos or by endorsement, such as Black Eyed Peas, David Guetta, Justin Beiber, Lady Gaga, and a whole parade of others. The truth is that these headphones are durable, easy to maintain, they can daisy-chain to extra headphones while at the DAW, and they do a very good job at noise cancellation. On a flight between Ottawa to Toronto to Winnipeg, even the airline stewardesses were checking these headphones out that I had with me. While in Ottawa, people who had the plastic version of the Beats Studio were looking with visible envy at my Pros. Finally, my strong suggestion is that like any kind of speakers, you have to break them in, and that can take a couple of hundred hours with almost any set. The difference compared to fresh out of the box is enough to merit their suitable place in either live or studio performances.
I just commented on another similar forum post to someone singing the beats' praises. I agree about noise-cancelation and their utility from a personal use perspective. But seeing musicians wear it and endorse it is simply the dumbest justification I've ever heard for their level of quality, particularly in a studio setting. If you want a real endorsement, go ask what kind of professional headphones top producers like Rick Rubin use. I'll take his endorsement over Justin Beiber's any day of the week!